All Relationship Is For Healing

The purpose of any and every relationship in your life is healing.

Whether it’s the healing you’re aware of… your ex that you want to get over, your low self-esteem that you’re trying to raise, or your sexual confidence that you’re trying to boost.

The healing you’re partially aware of… the lingering feeling of not being good enough, the body confidence that always seems just out of reach.

Or the healing you aren’t consciously aware of in the slightest… the feelings of shame or guilt passed on to you from your great-great-grandparents through their beliefs and language choices, or the societal belief systems that were passed on to you in the way that you were socialized from a very young age.

When you’re met with a kind, loving, compassionate partner who wishes to see you as you truly are… they have been sent to help you heal.

I believe that we can only love our insecurities up to a certain ceiling. And it is fully our responsibility to put in the work to love ourselves from 0-50% capacity. And then it takes the loving acceptance of someone else to help us to love ourselves from 50-100% capacity in our journey towards self-acceptance and open heartedness. We can not love and accept ourselves all the way to a full cup. We must have the courage to use the mirror of relationship to help us fully arrive.

We are a social species. We need others to survive. And at no other point is this more apparent than in the healing of our emotional wounds.

All relationship is for healing.

So where are you in your journey?

Are you having a difficult time facing the reality of your emotional turmoil?

Are you having a difficult time forgiving yourself or someone else for past hurts?

Are you having a difficult time reaching out to someone else to help you in your healing process?

Remember, there is no shame in leaning on others for support.

Dedicated to your success,