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Over the past seven years, I’ve had the privilege of working with over 1,000 men and women on a wide range of topics from navigating major life transitions and break ups, to finding their dream partner, to getting rid of sexual anxiety. Nothing is off-limits in our coaching sessions.

“After working with Jordan, my relationship with my wife has reached a completely new level. It’s like the Viagra commercials. We seriously don’t fight anymore.”
Ryan H, Serial Entrepreneur, San Francisco

Do You…

  • Want to learn the specific skills and behaviors that it takes for you to have the best relationship and sex life possible?
  • Want to figure out what is holding you back from finding your dream partner?
  • Want to love yourself more and raise your self-esteem?
  • Have a fear of ‘settling’ with your current partner and need help understanding whether or not they fit into your life?
  • Have an ex that you need help getting over?

dane“Jordan helped me work through some of the most difficult emotions I have ever felt. Because of him I’m now dating the woman of my dreams and it’s the most nourishing relationship I’ve ever been in.”
Dane M., 32, San Diego, CA


What Can You Expect From Working With Me

  •  A greater sense of ease, happiness, and emotional freedom
  •  Complete certainty that the partner you are with is right for you (or that you need to move on)
  •  Better sex (more connectedness, more satisfying sexual play)
  •  Tools to help you find a partner that is perfectly compatible with your lifestyle
  •  The ability to fully move on from past relationships
  • A more passionate and loving relationship
  • And much more!

sri“Thanks to our 1-on-1 coaching, I have been able to break through so many of my barriers in becoming a loving and caring husband to my wife. It feels good to know that I can talk to you about anything, without having to hold back. I’ve spent 44 years of my life without your influence in my life… and I’m never going back. You owe it to yourself to reach out to Jordan. He IS the best help that you can get.”
Sri P., Financial Success Coach, Calgary, AB


You are capable of so much more than what you currently have

  • Are you ready to experience a whole new level of romantic and sexual freedom?
  • Do you want to understand the actual source of arguments, and prevent them from ever coming up in your relationship again?
  • Do you want to be able to clearly identify your partner’s needs and give them what they’re truly asking for, even when they’re unable to verbalize it for themselves?
  • Do you want to identify the blind spots that are preventing you from achieving your full potential in your love life?
  • Are you tired of being single?

victoria-testimonial“As a successful entrepreneur I want an epic love life too, and with Jordan’s help I am creating a solid foundation for a brilliant relationship. Having him take me by the hand and really listen to my fears, frustration, and dreams has been an absolute game-changer for me. If you’re looking to master the world of relationships, you owe it to yourself to take the first step and work with Jordan.”
Victoria Gibson, Marketing Expert

“I have never felt safer with someone in my entire life than I do with Jordan. My wife and I largely felt comfortable deciding to have our first child together because Jordan helped us patch up the major holes in our communication. Honestly, I wouldn’t be a father if it weren’t for him.”
Noah, 41, Arkansas

chad-testimonial“Working with Jordan not only gave me the practical tools to help me break out of my shell, but more importantly, I finally felt like I had permission to go after and get what I wanted. It was that first magical night when all of our coaching sank in and flowed naturally through me that I met my wonderful wife.”
Chad L., Engineer

“I was a financially successful and emotionally miserable entrepreneur for the last decade. I was running on fumes. Jordan helped me realize that working on my relationship to myself could not only make the entire journey that much more enjoyable, but that learning to love myself would actually lead to even more success in every area of my life. Jordan has been such a blessing in my life, and I would recommend him to anyone.”
Daniel, 32, North Carolina

alex-testimonial“My husband and I realize that we already have an honest and loving marriage… a great marriage… but that doesn’t mean we want to stop growing. We have felt more connected in the past few months while working with Jordan than I ever thought we could.”
Erin and Alex, Texas

kate-testimonial“After months of struggling on my own, and attempts with various psychologists and self-help books, Jordan helped me find clarity and hope in my relationship in a single session. What surprised me most was how quickly and efficiently Jordan helped me pin point areas of concern and guided me to actionable solutions. I instantly felt safe with Jordan and this trust helped me make major break throughs in my relationship and my own personal growth. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to feel happier and more emotionally free.”
Kate M.

“Sexually, I was the most timid person imaginable. There were so many things that I wanted to do with my wife but I was afraid to bring them up. Our sex life now is 10x better than it was when we first started dating, and it’s 100% attributable to the fact that I started working with Jordan.”
Craig, 46, London, England


I only work with a select handful of people at a time to keep the quality of my coaching hours as high as possible. I also raise my coaching rates every 2-3 months to keep up with demand so the sooner you apply, the more you’ll save.

My client roster is currently full. For the month of February I will not be taking on any new clients.

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