1-on-1 Coaching With Jordan

Want to get to the next level in your life? I can help.

In the past 15+ years, my writing has benefited more than 200 million people, over 30,000+ have enjoyed my online programs, and I have helped more than 1,000 men and women in groups and 1-on-1.

When Dan Go came to me, he was questioning whether or not he wanted to commit to anyone… but within a year of us working together, he met the woman of his dreams, proposed to her, and then asked me to officiate his wedding.

“Jordan has been so integral to me having a positive relationship with women and with myself, that I asked him to be the officiant at my wedding.”

– Dan Go, Fitness Coach, @danfounder

When Cole Gordon came to me, he was feeling tired, burned out, and unsatisfied with his work.

Within a couple weeks, he had this to say:

“Through working with Jordan… after 2 or 3 weeks, not only were my relationships better but I also had some of my best records in sales ever.”

– Cole Gordon, CEO & Founder of Closers.io

And New York Times best-selling author and well-known fitness guru Ben Greenfield had this to say about my work…

I began implementing Jordan’s tips – and immediately my sexual performance went through the roof. My sex drive was amplified ten-fold. I became, as Jordan might put it, a “beast” in the bedroom. It even got to the point at which my wife asked me “What happened to you?” (and this was meant in a very, very good way).
Ben Greenfield
Ben Greenfield
New York Times Best Selling Author, 12x Ironman Triathlete

I have hundreds of positive stories like the ones above (I share many more below), but something important to know is that…

In my time helping people, I’ve found that you can only help people if they’re truly willing to be helped.

Here are a few things I look for in the people that I work with in a 1-on-1 capacity:

– Growth-oriented

– Big-hearted

– Coachable

– High willingness to dig in and be fully honest

– Place a high value on love, connection, and relationships

– And while I work with people of all ages, most of my 1-on-1 clients are between the ages of 40-75

Now, because my work reaches millions of people per year, I can only ever work with so many people at a time.

And, as a result, I need to be selective about who I take on as a client.

Both because of the number of people who resonate with my work, and because I want to make sure that I only work with people who I know I can help get especially significant results in their lives.

So to make sure that we are a good fit for each other, I invite you to fill out the application form below.

If it’s a good fit, I will respond with options for how we could work together.

And if it isn’t a fit for 1-on-1, I will reply and let you know that.

So, set aside a couple of minutes where you can focus, and click on the button below to be taken to my application form.

I look forward to speaking with you soon.

Jordan helped me work through some of the most difficult emotions I have ever felt. Because of him I’m now dating the woman of my dreams and it’s the most nourishing relationship I’ve ever been in.
Dane Maxwell, Entrepreneur
Dane Maxwell, Entrepreneur
San Diego, CA
As a successful entrepreneur I want an epic love life too, and with Jordan’s help I am creating a solid foundation for a brilliant relationship. Having him take me by the hand and really listen to my fears, frustration, and dreams has been an absolute game changer for me. If you’re looking to master the world of relationships, you owe it to yourself to take the first step and work with Jordan.
Victoria Gibson, Marketing Expert
Victoria Gibson, Marketing Expert

“My entire life has changed since I began working with Jordan.”

– Robin

“Working with Jordan has been the most impactful thing ever. My standards were raised… I started making more money than I’d ever made… I ditched a garbage relationship and started seeing someone new that I’m excited about. I could go on and on.”

– Jade

“I found myself a widower after ten years of marriage and I had been out of the dating scene. Jordan gave me some great advice, great guidance… and I’m happy to report that I just got married to the woman of my dreams. So his stuff works!”

– Dr. Gordon Kleinpell, Fort Myers, Florida

Thanks to our 1-on-1 coaching, I have been able to break through so many barriers in becoming a loving and caring husband to my wife. It feels good to know that I can talk to you about anything, without having to hold back. I’ve spent 44 years of my life without your influence in my life… and I’m never going back. You owe it to yourself to reach out to Jordan. He IS the best help that you can get
Sri P.
Sri P.
Financial Success Coach, Calgary, AB
My husband and I realize that we already have an honest and loving marriage... a great marriage... but that doesn't mean we want to stop growing. We have felt more connected in the past few months while working with Jordan than I ever thought we could.
Erin and Alex
Erin and Alex
After months of struggling on my own, and attempts with various psychologists and self-help books, Jordan helped me find clarity and hope in my relationship in a single session. What surprised me most was how quickly and efficiently Jordan helped me pin point areas of concern and guided me to actionable solutions. I instantly felt safe with Jordan and this trust helped me make major break throughs in my relationship and my own personal growth. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to feel happier and more emotionally free.
Kate M., Massage Therapist
Kate M., Massage Therapist
Working with Jordan not only gave me the practical tools to help me break out of my shell, but more importantly, I finally felt like I had permission to go after and get what I wanted. It was that first magical night when all of our coaching sank in and flowed naturally through me that I met my wonderful wife.
Chad L.
Chad L.