1-on-1 Coaching With Jordan Gray

1-on-1 is the deepest way of working with me, and it is not for everyone.

Currently, there is one way of working directly with me.

One-on-one coaching calls.

You sign up, we do an hour-long video call, and we go where we need to go.

Currently, my wait time for new coaching client calls is generally between 1-2 weeks, so if you are expecting to talk to me today/tomorrow, then this isn’t for you.

Some frequently asked questions about 1-on-1 coaching:

– ‘Are you taking on long-term clients?’

At this point in time, my long-term client roster is full, and I am only available for one-time sessions.

– ‘Do you have payment plans available?’

1-on-1 work has no payment plan options, and all sessions must be paid for in advance of the call.

If 1-on-1 work is currently out of range for you financially, then I would recommend that you either check out my courses, or browse through my 500+ free on-site articles.

– ‘Am I able to talk to you about ______?’

Yes. We can go anywhere you need to go in our session. Most of my clients come to me looking for some combination of sex/relationship/business/career/life advice.

– ‘How do I know if 1-on-1 work is right for me?’

You know if 1-on-1 work is right for you by checking in with your body, not your mind.

If your mind is looking for a dozen conditions to be met in order for you to feel safe to sign up, then it currently isn’t a fit.

In order to commit to this, you must trust the deeper thing in you that is pulling you to work with me. And if you can’t feel it, then don’t sign up. This decision has to be led entirely by your truest desire, and nothing else.

If you would like to sign up for a 1-on-1 coaching call with me, you can do so by clicking here.

I began implementing Jordan’s tips – and immediately my sexual performance went through the roof. My sex drive was amplified ten-fold. I became, as Jordan might put it, a “beast” in the bedroom. It even got to the point at which my wife asked me “What happened to you?” (and this was meant in a very, very good way).
Ben Greenfield
Ben Greenfield
New York Times Best Selling Author, 12x Ironman Triathlete
Working with Jordan not only gave me the practical tools to help me break out of my shell, but more importantly, I finally felt like I had permission to go after and get what I wanted. It was that first magical night when all of our coaching sank in and flowed naturally through me that I met my wonderful wife.
Chad L.
Chad L.
After months of struggling on my own, and attempts with various psychologists and self-help books, Jordan helped me find clarity and hope in my relationship in a single session. What surprised me most was how quickly and efficiently Jordan helped me pin point areas of concern and guided me to actionable solutions. I instantly felt safe with Jordan and this trust helped me make major break throughs in my relationship and my own personal growth. I would recommend him to anyone who wants to feel happier and more emotionally free.
Kate M.
Kate M.
To say that Jordan changed my life is an understatement. In a one hour session with him, I healed years of struggling. Jordan not only helped me through the initial problem that I had originally started seeing him for, but he made me see life through a different lens, which in turn made me understand myself better, improve my relationships, succeed more in my business, and fill me with a deep happiness that I had never felt before. He even healed me of an addiction that I had had for 30 years - for which I had tried everything under the sun to stop. I feel like a new person, thanks to Jordan.
Melbourne, Australia
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