Jordan Gray – Relationship Coach

Hey, my name is Jordan. I am passionate about helping you optimize your love life.

I believe that deeply fulfilling intimate relationships can be available to every person on the planet, as long as they know how to get out of their own way and begin to love on purpose.

Poke around and read a few of my posts. I think you’ll be surprised by how much your love life can benefit by taking action on just a few of my tips.

As for me? I’m a sensitive and intuitive guy who has always been able to see others better than they can see themselves. And I believe in helping people step up in their relationships in a big way.

Official Bio

Jordan Gray is a #1 Amazon best-selling author, public speaker, and relationship coach with nearly a decade of practice behind him. Jordan’s work has been featured in The Huffington Post, The New York Times, BBC, Self, Cosmo, Psychology Today, Business Insider, Yahoo!, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Elephant Journal, The Good Men Project, and countless other publications around the globe. Jordan has made it his life’s mission to make thriving relationships attainable to everyone.

Within two years of starting his website, Jordan had five #1 best-selling e-books on Amazon and, since launching, has since reached an audience of over 30 million people from around the world with his writing.

Jordan has worked with over a thousand clients privately in the past decade and has helped everyone (from singles to loving spouses) have more deeply fulfilling love lives.

When he’s not coaching clients or writing a new blog post, Jordan loves to pretend he’s good at surfing, immerse himself in new cultures, and savour slow-motion hang outs with his closest companions.

What Now?

Not sure where to start? Check out some of my most popular articles over here.

Want something even more in depth? Check out my courses on becoming the best partner imaginable.

Want to make sure that you never miss my tips for creating your thriving love life with simple, actionable steps? Get on the list below!


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