Get Support, Accountability, and Encouragement… Inside ‘The Circle’

Join a community of big-hearted people who all want healthy, loving relationships

And get weekly coaching with Jordan in the most accessible way yet

Just Imagine…

Fast forward a year from now, and you’re in the healthiest, most nourishing relationships of your entire life.

You feel held, appreciated, and completely seen for who you truly are.

You know that the people in your life have your back, and want the absolute best for you.

And whenever you want some extra support in figuring out something to do with any one of your relationships, you know that you can simply hop onto one of the weekly calls and get your questions answered by me directly.

Along with this community space and the ability to get your most challenging relationship questions answered on a weekly basis, you will also get access to my newest programs, Evolution Of LoveInner Child Healing, Navigating Grief And Loss, Boundaries And Assertiveness, Messages of Self Love, and Relationship To Money.

A collection of the highest-leverage, most impactful tools that I would give to anyone who was looking to experience deeper, more fulfilling relationships.

Enhance not just intimate relationships… but all relationships.

Relationships with friends… relationships with your family members, kids, co-workers… and your relationship with yourself.

If you are someone who wants to experience deeper, more fulfilling, loving, connected, nourishing relationships in your life…

And you are ready to let go of all of the unnecessary noise in relationships (drama, fighting, resentment, tension, etc.)…

Then I invite you to join our community of love-oriented individuals, who also want all of those things, and more.

And not only that, but you will also have the opportunity to ask questions and get live, direct coaching by me on a weekly basis (something I have never offered before on an ongoing basis).

You Should Join This Community If:

– You want to experience healthier, more loving, connected relationships

– You feel drawn to being in a love-oriented, intentional community of people who are actively growing and evolving

– You value relationships, and the deep sense of fulfillment that they bring to your life

– You have wanted to work with me 1-on-1 before, but haven’t been able to for various reasons

You Should Not Join This Community If:

– You are easily offended by swearing or talk about sex (because both of those will inevitably happen on the group calls)

– You are more than happy to remain on the surface of life, and have no interest in deeply honest conversations

– You are more interested in being right, being told that you don’t need to change anything, and having your ego soothed… than being open, curious, and willing to shift your behaviour in order to experience greater results in your life

What Is Included?

When you sign up, you get:

Weekly group calls with Jordan, year-round. The weekly calls happen every Friday at 10am pacific time.

Monthly ‘Relationship to Money’ coaching call, where you can ask any and all questions related to money, career, and wealth attraction. These are a recent addition and are fast becoming a community highlight!

Bonus deep dive workshops, on topics like how to identify healthy partners, how to love sex, healing your relationship with the masculine, how to process emotions in a healthy way, and more.

Access to The Circle, a community of intentional, big-hearted people who want healthier, more nourishing relationships… where you can write about your experience, digest the lessons, and get unlimited written support between calls.

Access to Evolution Of Love… which condenses all of my most necessary lessons on relationships into an easy-to-follow, action oriented program.

Access to Inner Child Healing, my brand new video program that shows you how to effectively do inner child work, how to nurture your inner child, and how to introduce more joy, fun, play, and emotional healing into your life.

Access to Navigating Grief And Loss, my wife Demetra’s brand new program that beautifully walks you through integrating grief and sadness about any loss in your life.

Access to Boundaries And Assertiveness, our masterclass on how to set and maintain healthy communication and dynamic boundaries with everyone in your life.

Access to Messages of Self Love, Demetra’s guided audio program on cultivating self love and nourishing the most important relationship in your life.

Access To Relationship to Money, Jordan’s newest course on improving your relationship with finances, and creating more material wealth for yourself and those you love.

Bonus calls with special guest teachers (who will largely be my close friends who work in similar/related fields).

‘Okay, this sounds great. But how much is all of this?’

If you were to add up how much it would cost to get direct, weekly 1-on-1 call support from Jordan, the ability to get written feedback around the clock, and access to these exclusive relationship-building programs, you would be paying well over $6,000 per month…

But today, the monthly membership price for The Circle community membership + the six bonus programs + the weekly group calls + the monthly bonus workshops…

Is only $222 per month for full access membership (month-to-month, cancel anytime).

So basically, for the price of a daily coffee (or half of a green smoothie if you live in LA), you can skyrocket the health and nourishment of all of your relationships, forever.

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Hear From A Few Circle Members

Who Is Jordan Gray?

Did you just stumble onto this page and you don’t really know who I am?

Hi, I’m Jordan!

I’ve been a full-time relationship coach for the last 15+ years, and my work has impacted over 200 million people world-wide.

I have helped support people in all types of outcomes.

I have helped people find (and marry) the loves of their lives. I have helped people leave dysfunctional relationships. I have helped people move away from addiction, misery, and isolation, to being in a place of sobriety, connection, and deep nourishment.

But really, I’m just someone with a big heart who gets lit up at the thought of supporting others in actualizing their potential. To support them in becoming all of who they can be.

I’ve been helping people (1-on-1 and through my group programs) for the last 15 years… and yet, this is the first time that I’m offering ongoing, weekly sessions to people at this scale. So this is a first of its kind opportunity, and I couldn’t be more excited to dig in with all of the right people (which, if you’ve read this far into the page, is probably you).

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum number of months that I need to sign up for? Is there a contract I have to sign?
Nope! There are no contracts, and the service will always be month-to-month. I only want you in the community for as long as you want to be there. So you can sign up and hang out in the community and/or on the group calls for as long as you are wanting support in your life.
Will I have to jump through a bunch of hoops in order to cancel my membership?
No, not at all. Simply email me or my assistant (at any time) and say that you want out, and your monthly payment will be immediately cancelled. No explanations or hoop-jumping needed.
Do we really get live calls with you every week?
Yes. Well, pretty much yes. I am a human being and not a robot, so I’m sure that over the course of a year, I may get sick ever or need to reschedule certain calls (due to sickness, travel, etc.). But yes, my aim will always be to do upwards of 50 weekly calls per year.
Will the calls be recorded? Can I watch the replays of past calls?
Yes, the calls will be recorded, and the recordings will be made available within the program dashboard so you can watch/rewatch them as you please.
Do I have to go on the live weekly calls?
Of course not. You don’t need to do anything you’re not comfortable with. Come in, get what you need how you need it for where you are, leave the rest.
Can my significant other and I join together under one account?
Just like any ticketed or live event, each person will need to have their own individual access.
Are there refunds for this program? Is there a guarantee?
Because the majority of this program is service-based (i.e. it requires my time), there are no refunds for this program. But I have priced it in a way that you can feel comfortable coming in, sampling it, and only sticking around if you get tremendous value from the program, community, and weekly live calls and recordings.

If you have any questions about signing up, feel free to email me at and I’ll do my best to respond to you in a timely manner.

Looking forward to seeing you in there!

Dedicated to your peace, love, joy, and abundance,


Ps. If you’re someone who likes to skip to the bottom to read the summary of what this is all about…

The Circle is a community space where you can get directly weekly support from me, and you also get access to six new programs, Evolution Of Love, Inner Child Healing, Navigating Grief And Loss, Boundaries And Assertiveness, Messages of Self Love, and Relationship to Money. Investment for the program is $222/month. There are no contracts, and you can stay in the community as long as you are benefitting from it. Feel free to email with any questions you may have about signing up.