Bring Him To Sexual Heights He Has NEVER Experienced Before

Imagine him being putty in your hands…

Touching him in a way that no woman has ever touched him before…

And bringing him to heights of pleasure he didn’t even know were possible.

Here’s something you may know already:

Most women don’t give handjobs. 

This is often because they think, “Why do something he can just do for himself?”

But comparing a guy jerking himself off to him receiving a masterful handjob is like comparing…

  • A granola bar to a five-course meal at a Michelin-star rated restaurant in Paris
  • Giving yourself a hug compared to being kissed, caressed, and tenderly held by a lover for hours while a gentle summer breeze rolls in through the window, or
  • Looking at a black-and-white image of a sunrise to waking up in a world-class resort overlooking the ocean with an elaborate mix of oranges, yellows, and pinks swirling about.

Said plainly…

When a handjob is done well, it is laughable to say that it could be even remotely similar to a man using his own hands.

Handjobs can bring him to an experience of ecstasy that he has never had before.

And since most women don’t give handjobs… it’s safe to assume that you knowing this skill will make you live permanently in his mind as the one who brought him to places he didn’t even know he could go.

When you discover the different techniques, hand positions, and secret erogenous hot spots that drive a man wild…

And you combine it with the right mindset, communication, and warmup… you become like a precious object he never wants to let go.

With great power comes great responsibility… and these advanced techniques are second to none.


Bring Him To God: Advanced Handjob Mastery For Women

In this 10-module, deep-dive video program, you get immediate access to a go-at-your-own-pace, on-your-own-schedule masterclass all about becoming equipped to give masterful handjobs unlike anything your man has ever experienced.

We dive into the necessary mindset, communication, and warmup to give him the best sexual experience of his life…

Then we get into the techniques, variations, and advanced techniques that will blow him away.

In Bring Him To God, you will discover: 

  • The two fastest and most effective ways to improve your handjob skills (if you only watched this video you would already set yourself, head and shoulders, above any previous lovers he may have had)
  • 17 advanced handjob techniques guaranteed to make his toes curl with pleasure. You can use these techniques to spice up any sexual play, or you can use them to make him cum as quickly as you want him to. With these advanced techniques, the power is literally in your hands.
  • The three best kinds of lubrication you should use for your handjobs, and in which scenario you should use each one
  • 18 advanced handjob positions you can use, based on the different body parts of yours that your man loves most
  • The necessary thing you need to do as you begin any handjob that will immediately 10x their power, potency, and pleasure potential
  • And much, much more

While the ten core modules hold more than enough skill-downloading sexual wisdom to keep your man blissfully happy for life, in the bonuses I reveal even more.

In one bonus, I interview my wife Demetra and ask her deeply personal questions about how she relates to handjobs and the exact place that her attention goes while she is giving them.

At this point in time, you might be wondering how much this program costs.

Now, an advanced deep dive into this rarely-talked-about, next-level skill set could easily go for $500+…

The sheer value of being able to provide sexual bliss to your man for the rest of your entire life is something you can’t put a price on.

The value of him looking at you in disbelief, knowing that he has eyes for only you…

The value of him going out of his way to spoil you, cherish you, and engage in loving gestures for you so that you know just how loved you are…

The value of knowing how safe your relationship is because you’ve shared a sexual experience with each other that he’s never experienced with anyone else (in any way, shape, or form)…

Again, it’s impossible to put a price on all of those things.

But if you’re reading these words right now, you’re either someone who has been following my work for years, or you have already gone through one of my programs (like Inside The Male Mind or Queen of Blowjobs)… both of which I respect and appreciate… and because of that, I want to make this a no-brainer, super-easy decision for you.

That’s why, for a limited time, you get complete access to Bring Him To God: Advanced Handjob Mastery For Women… for a simple, one-time purchase of just $97 $37.

For less than the price of a nice bouquet of flowers (like the one’s he’ll be buying you on random weekdays from here on out, ‘just because’) you can get immediate access to this life-changing program.

No more wondering if he’s enjoying himself…

No more uncertainty that what you’re doing is working…

No more same-old, routine sexual experiences where you just go through the motions.

By picking up access to this program, you get the confidence of knowing that you can bring him to the heights of sexual ecstasy whenever you so choose.

I’ve heard from many female clients that them improving their sexual skills in this way has made numbers of arguments dramatically fall, and has resulted in men going out of their way, scheming different ways to make them feel more loved and appreciated.

This skillset is a powerful one, and is not to be under-estimated.

Pick up access to Bring Him To God: Advanced Handjob Mastery For Women today, and within minutes, you’ll be going through these easy-to-follow videos and downloading the new skills into your subconscious mind.

As with all of my digital products, this one comes with an iron-clad, money-back guarantee. If you go through the program and feel like it isn’t for you, simply send a quick message to my assistant Amelie at within 60 days of going through the program and she will refund your payment in full, no questions asked. My online courses historically have had a less than 1% refund rate, so the quality of my programs is very high, but I include this just so you feel fully confident in trying it out and getting this life-changing magic into your relationship.

Simply fill out your information below, and within minutes, you will be given access to these brand new, never-before-seen materials.

If you (like most women who are reading these words) have gone through my other programs, Bring Him To God will be immediately added to your program dashboard (so make sure you use the same email address where your other programs are). And if this is your first time picking up a program of mine (Hello! Welcome!) then within a few minutes of signing up, you will be sent an email with your unique login information so that you can sign in and start going through this program. Either way, you don’t need to wait for any materials to be mailed to you, and you get to start going through the program right away, in its online, digital format.

Ultimately, this program is perfect for you if…

  • You are a woman who loves men (or are in the process of loving men more)
  • You value sex and sexual connection, and want to provide an experience to your man (present or future) that will bring the two of you closer together
  • You have ever felt in any way hesitant, uncertain, or anxious about your sexual skill set, and would love to level-up your confidence, awareness, and abilities
  • You feel confident in your sexual abilities but still want to up-level them as much as possible, to provide and experience as much pleasure as possible

At this point in time, there are two ways you could go.

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I hope you choose yourself. I hope that you know that you, your man, and your future are all worth investing in.

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Dedicated to your success,