Learn The Four Universal Truths That All Highly Successful Long-term Relationships Have In Common

Fight Less, Love More, And Lead Your Relationship To Its Maximum Potential

You try your best, you do all the things you think you’re supposed to do, and yet your partner still gets upset with you over the smallest things.

Do you find yourself wondering if your relationship should be this difficult?

Do you wish you could stop the unnecessary fighting?

Ever wish you could be in a loving, supportive relationship that ran on autopilot?

A thriving relationship positively affects everything in your life… from your emotions, to your physical health, to your finances, to a charged sex life.

And yet while people are busy working on themselves in the gym and upgrading their business mindset, most men rarely slow down to take the time to figure out what makes a relationship work.

Which is why I spent the past two years seeking out and interviewing couples that anyone would consider healthy, highly functioning, and the kind of relationship that others look up to.

Couple In Bed

I interviewed couples who had been married for anywhere from 2-60+ years and I grilled them with questions.

I asked them what made them different from most couples. I asked them if they fought (and how they fought). I asked them what their advice would be to create a thriving relationship.

Through all of their answers I found four simple things that they all had in common.

And these simple truths made me realize that most people are going about their relationships completely backwards.

Out of all of the thriving relationships that I interviewed, it turns out that over 95% of their results came from just 5% of their efforts.

The thing is… you can achieve an enviable thriving relationship in no time at all if you know what the right tools are.

That is why I created Fight Less, Love More.

Through my career as a relationship coach, I have helped over 1,000 people massively improve the quality of their love lives using simple, actionable techniques.

Fight Less, Love More is a collection of the highest leverage, easiest-to-implement tips that I gathered from all of my research into what makes an intimate relationship thrive.

I created this course to help people just like you to understand exactly what it takes to have the kind of relationship that others see and ask “What’s your secret?”

Fight Less, Love More is a multi-module course that can be taken at your own speed. It includes video, audio, worksheets, and a few bonuses that walk you through the step-by-step process of easily leading your relationship to a place where it runs smoothly by itself.


Module 1 – Introduction

In this module, you will discover…

  • Why your relationship is the one thing that improves every area of your life
  • What you need to master in order to have a truly thriving relationship
  • What your relationship and high powered sports cars have in common

Module 2 – Your Relationship To Yourself

In this module, you will discover…

  • What you need to let go of in order to have the best relationship possible (and how to let go of it starting today)
  • The two things that you need in order for you and your partner to both feel deeply loved and supported
  • How to get all of your emotional needs met in and out of your relationship
  • How to feel loved unconditionally by your partner all the time

Module 3 – Your Relationship To Your Partner

In this module, you will discover…

  • Why your version of quality time doesn’t register as quality for your partner
  • A simple trick that you can do so that they never again say “You’re not listening to me!”
  • What one multi-millionaire can teach you about how to run your relationship like a business
  • How to balance your need for both intimacy AND independence
  • One untold secret about how to help them fall deeper in love than you ever thought possible
  • How to “stoke the fire” and be more attracted to your partner than you were at the beginning of your relationship

What You Will Get From This Course

  • Step-by-step structure of the highest leverage ways to make your relationship thrive
  • Understand what your woman desperately needs from you in your relationship
  • Understand what is making your relationship run and how to maintain it
  • Overcome your exes to enhance your future
  • Learn to listen in the way she needs you to
  • How to run a relationship ‘CEO meeting’
  • How to love your partner in a way that has them open up to you completely

Who is Fight Less, Love More For?

  • Any one who wants to take his relationship to its maximum potential
  • Any one that has had success in other areas of their life but often finds relationships confusing
  • Anyone who wants to have their love life be simple, easy, and run on autopilot
  • Anyone who wants to break-up-proof their relationship

Who is this program NOT for?

  • Any person who hasn’t had a fight with their partner in the last two years
  • Couples that are still having sex more than every day
  • Any one who feels deeply supported and loved by their partner 100% of the time

You get the videos, the worksheets, the audio files, transcriptions of all of the three course modules, a free surprise bonus, and lifetime access to the program.

So I bet you’re wondering, what will your investment be to get access to this course?

In the past, I have taught this identical material to over a thousand people in live courses often costing over $3,000 for a weekend seminar.

If I were to privately teach you all of the material you are going to learn that exists within this program you could expect to pay a minimum of $1,500.

But today you aren’t going to pay $3,000. You’re not even going to pay $1,500.

You’re going to get the entire program: the videos, the audio, the worksheets, and everything, for just one payment of $37.

It’s an investment into your relationship that will pay itself back many times over.

Just hit the ‘Register Now’ button and start enjoying the kind of relationship that you deserve.

You’ll break down all of the barriers standing between you and a deeply fulfilling love life once and for all, and become the kind of guy that your partner brags about.


As soon as you register, you’ll be prompted to create your username and password, and you’ll be taken to the members area where you can get started right away.

Your privacy is 100% guaranteed and your personal information will always be protected using SSL encryption.

Young couple loving vacation

Oh, and by the way, if you’re still on the fence about whether or not this is something you really want to get handled…

Here’s what a few people had to say about Fight Less, Love More…

“My relationship with my wife has reached a completely new level. It’s just like the Viagra commercials. We seriously don’t fight anymore.”
– Sam P., Washington, Virginia

“When I first accessed this course, my relationship was on the rocks. We were literally a day or two away from breaking up. The material contained in this program made me feel like I was seeing the matrix. Everything that was once foreign and seemingly impossible to understand finally made sense. Within a week we were not only doing better, we were even more in love than we had been in the first few months of our relationship. This program was an absolute god send and I can’t thank you enough for putting it together.”
– Phil T., Toronto, Ontario

“Are you kidding me!? Where was this stuff when I was in high school? I could have saved myself years of pain, frustration, and confusion. But at least I have it now! Thank you so much Jordan. Seriously don’t know where I would be without your kick-ass material.
– Brad N., Miami, Florida

Still undecided? Well guess what…

You Don’t Have to Decide Today

In a perfect world, nobody should get paid unless they deliver the value that you expect from them…

So I am putting my money where my mouth is and giving you an iron-clad guarantee that falls squarely on my shoulders…

All you have to do is…

Try Fight Less, Love More today…

Watch the videos,

Implement the changes in your love life,

Go through the worksheets…

And if, after doing the work and filling out the worksheets, you still don’t feel like you felt the kind of change that you were hoping for…

Simply e-mail me directly and you’ll get a fast and courteous refund.

Check out the entire program, and if for whatever reason it didn’t live up to your expectations, shoot me a quick email and I’ll refund your money in a heartbeat.

I believe in treating people the way that I like to be treated and if you don’t feel like you’re getting double or triple the value that I’ve promised, then I will happily give you a refund.


I’ve seen what this material has done for my 1,000+ clients through my career as a relationship coach and I KNOW that it can change your life just like it changed theirs.


So what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to do away with the fighting, bickering, and nagging forever?

Are you ready to feel deeply appreciated and supported by your partner?

Are you ready to wake up every morning to your partner’s warm, loving embrace?

Or are you going to continue settling for a relationship that drains and frustrates you?

The choice, as always, is yours.

Your new and improved thriving relationship begins today.