Peaceful Productivity

Get More Of The Important Stuff Done In Less Time, While Feeling Calm, Happy, And Energized

Breeze Through Your To-Do List, Moving From Win To Win, Without Relying On Willpower


Do you want to be more effective at getting important things done?

Do you ever feel like your to-do list taunts you, and no matter how hard you try it just keeps on growing?

Some people seem to have it so easy…

They move from win to win… effortlessly gliding through life.

They seem simultaneously more effective and happier.

Instead of envying them, you might find yourself feeling curious…

How do these people appear to achieve seemingly superhuman levels of productivity, while also being happy, present, and fully engaged in their lives as a whole?

Especially when the external world seems to be vying for your attention more aggressively and from more angles all the time.

The endless distractions… nonstop notifications… people wanting your time and attention.

As a result, you feel exhausted. You might feel increasingly spread thin and beat down.

You aren’t imagining things. These external forces are growing by the year.

Not only is the world trying to commandeer your time and attention, but our willpower tends to erode year over year as we feel less and less effective at doing the things we know we should be doing.

Well, what if I told you that there was a better way…

A way that, instead of being managed by gadgets, or fancy journals, or overriding our natural instincts… harnesses our deeper psychology so that we can get more done in less time and have more fun doing so!

See, productivity is actually a skill.

It’s not that you are bad at getting things done, your schedule is uniquely too full, or that having ease and spaciousness isn’t meant for you.

And it isn’t that you just need to force and willpower yourself through things.

It actually makes complete sense that you have trouble being productive while still maintaining a sense of peace and calm, because our world is currently designed against it.

So, what to do?

Well, you need to learn how to circumvent the system.

What I have to offer you is not another useless plan to follow…

Not a fancy, 3-ring binder that takes an hour of your day to fill out…

But rather, a set of guiding principles that can help you do more in less time than you ever thought possible.

Now, if you’re newer to me or my work, you might be wondering, ‘Who is this guy and why should I listen to him?’

Well, I’ll tell you (a highly summarized version, because time is of the essence).

My name is Jordan Gray, and over the last 10 years, I have written over 2,000 long-form pieces of writing that have gone on to reach over 250 million people across the globe.

As of the time of this writing, that means that my work has reached more than 1 in 4 of all English-speaking people who have access to the internet.

I also created 25+ deep-dive video programs, wrote 10+ books, and worked closely with thousands of coaching clients in a 1-on-1 setting and in groups.

I achieved all of this while travelling extensively, spending tons of time with friends and family, navigating health issues, and managing the renovation and maintenance of a needy old house that requires a crazy amount of time and energy…

And I did it all by only working part-time.

See, productivity is a major passion of mine.

If there’s a book that exists on getting more done, I’ve probably read it. I’ve taken the courses on productivity and time management, I’ve even hired a productivity coach…

And, because of my success, I’ve spent quite a lot of time around multi-millionaires and highly-leveraged people.

I understand at a very deep level what goes into getting more done, with less energy…

And what keeps most people from living that way.

This wouldn’t mean much to me if I had to work 12-hour days just to keep it all up…

But with what I’ve learned, I get to work part-time hours, enjoy time with my wife and friends, and take regular days off whenever I want.

My life is far from just being about work, but when I have time blocked off to get things done, by golly I want to get things done.

Over time, I have boiled down a set of tools and guiding principles that help me to achieve more in less time simply by following these unique strategies.

And after I recently sent out a survey asking my core email subscribers what they most wanted to see from me, and the overwhelming majority of them saying that they wanted me to create a program about getting more of the important stuff done, I was more than happy to oblige.

When I’ve shared these things with friends and clients who were open, courageous, and action-oriented, the results have been nothing short of life-changing.

Imagine waking up, sitting at the counter with a warm drink in your hands and a smile on your face.

Feeling peaceful, calm, and relaxed, and excited to start the day.

You know what’s on your schedule and you know you’re focusing on the things that matter… and better yet, you have space and the energy to get things done.

You naturally feel motivated, because you genuinely feel aligned with the things you’re working towards.

And you’re investing your time and energy in a way that you know will bring you both short-term happiness, and also long-term fulfillment.

Your friends/family/significant other might even wonder what’s come over you, since they see you positively radiating confidence, showing up fully for the things that matter to you.

All of this (and more) can be yours.

This is exactly why I created my newest program, Peaceful Productivity.

What It Is: 

Peaceful Productivity is a hybrid program, where you get BOTH lifetime access to a pre-recorded video course with all of my highest-leverage, immediately actionable tips and mindsets that will have you rapidly achieving more in less time… and also access to a month long community with live, group coaching calls where you can get my insight into your unique situation and all of your questions answered, by me.

What You Get When You Sign Up:

You get access to the Peaceful Productivity video program immediately upon signing up (your login information will be emailed to you, or, if you’re already a member of my other courses, the program will be added to your existing program dashboard), and the live calls are on June 1st, 9th, 15th, and 23rd (that’s two Saturday’s and two Sunday’s), from 1-2 pacific, 4-5 eastern, 8-9pm London time, and 7-8am Sydney, Australia. If you can’t make the calls live, you will still get access to the replay recordings of the calls for life.

Who This Is For:

– Anyone who wants to achieve more in less time, with more ease, peace, and simplicity.

– Anyone who feels tired, exhausted, even burnt out… and wants another way.

– Anyone looking for the slight edge lead-domino that they feel will unlock new levels of wealth, prosperity, joy, and fulfillment in their lives.

– Anyone who wants to reclaim time, energy, and attention for the people in their lives that have taken too much of a backseat for too long.

Who This Is Not For:

– Anyone who is deeply committed to their excuses, and generally staying stuck, small, and limited.

– Anyone who is closed-minded, and feels like they’ve heard everything that there is to be said about productivity and time management.

– Anyone who wants to continue on the path of hustle culture, burnout, and squeezing every last bit of life force out of themselves at the expense of their health and relationships.

Now, if you spend even a brief moment in thinking what a program like this could mean for you and your life as a whole, it really doesn’t take a rocket scientist to do the math.

If you even learned ONE new thing in this program that you then implemented in your life, it would pay for itself 10-fold within a matter of weeks.

But for anyone who has taken my programs before, you’ll know that my aim is never to have you just learn one mind-blowing tidbit. It’s to have at least 10-20 things that you can then spend months, or even years, integrating.

Not only that, but I also regularly add relevant bonus material to my programs for years after the fact… so the material you receive today is only a fraction of what’s to come down the road.

So when you sign up today, you not only get the Peaceful Productivity video program, and access to all four of the live, group coaching calls where you can get your unique questions answered, but you also lock in today’s pricing (which cannot be guaranteed for the future).

You might be thinking… alright Jordan, how much does this program cost?

And I think it’s important to differentiate between price and cost.

Because the price is extremely reasonable given the value of what you’re about to receive.

Again, if you learn just one thing from this program that has you achieving more in less time, it can not only have you gaining traction and momentum in your life like never before, but it can also positively impact your income, health, and relationships within a matter of days (when you put these secrets to use).

So really, the cost of doing nothing outweighs any price that I could place on this program.

For instance, a client of mine recently took inspiration from just a sliver of the kinds of things I will be revealing in this program, and he had his first $100,000 month of income.

And another client of mine acted similarly and had her first ever $10,000 month. That kind of money’s nothing to sneeze at.

Am I guaranteeing that by signing up for this program you’ll have your first six-figure month of income? Of course not. I don’t know the specifics of your situation and couldn’t possibly say such a thing as a broad statement.

I’m just pointing to the fact that when we get clear and smart about what it is we’re trying to do, we can move mountains. Often, far faster than we once thought possible.

Keeping in mind that, with the amount of people who follow my work, my current rate for a single, one-time coaching session is $3,000 USD… I have to charge something that has you get some skin in the game, while also respecting my time…

When you sign up today, you get access to the Peaceful Productivity video program, and all of the live, group, calibration and implementation coaching calls…

For just a single, one-time payment of $444.

You can pay in a single payment, or you can spread it out over four separate monthly payments of $125.

(And for the real go-getters, you can also sign up for a package of the program, the group coaching calls, and a private, 1-on-1 strategy session with me – only 6 2 of these available. New clients currently booking into early/mid-June).

I encourage you, especially in the times we find ourselves living in… to not let this opportunity pass you by.

I’ve worked with too many people and seen them make too big of leaps into becoming their full selves to not impress upon you the importance of what we’re talking about here.

This isn’t about time management hacks…

This isn’t about Pomodoro’s or Pareto’s principles or anything else you’ve seen beaten into the ground.

This is about you, effectively giving your time to the things that matter

So that you can make meaningful progress in a way where you respect yourself, and you magnetize the respect and admiration of others… while you blast through your to-do list with leftover time and energy with spare.

And just to remove any risk from your shoulders, there is a money-back guarantee.

If you go through the program, attend the live calls, put these principles into action, and aren’t thoroughly impressed by the insights and wisdom contained within, just send my assistant Amelie a quick email at within 30 days, and we’ll refund every penny, no questions asked.

Historically, my programs have a less than 1% refund rate, so the proof is in the pudding.

In fact, I still get emails on a weekly basis from people who went through my programs several years prior to inform me that the things that they learned from my coaching continue to pay dividends in their lives.

So, the choice is yours.

At this point in time, you can either click off this page, go back to doing what you’ve done and getting the results you know how to get…

Or, you can make a new decision.

You can cast a vote for yourself, and for what your future has the capacity to become.

For a single, simple, one-time payment of just $444, you can enter into a whole new realm of momentum, achievement, spaciousness, and ease.

I implore you, don’t let this opportunity pass you by.

As I said, I can only guarantee that this price will remain at this level for a short period of time.

And not only that, but to ensure that I can get to everyone’s questions, I’m also limiting signups in this program to 200 people, total.

The last time I did a similar style program (CASH, in 2022) with a course and a live coaching aspect, we sold more than 350 spots while only telling my email list subscribers about it a few times, so these spots will go fast.

For the sake of your future self, I implore you…

Sign up today, and begin enjoying the kind of life that a previous version of you has only dreamt of.

After signing up, you will get access to the course materials within a matter of minutes.

If this is the first time you’ve purchased a program of mine (welcome!) then you will receive an email with your unique login information within a matter of minutes. And if you’re a returning client (hello old friend!) then Peaceful Productivity will be added to your program dashboard immediately, and you can login and view it in the normal spot.

I can’t wait to see you on the inside, and hopefully, also see you soon on a coaching call.

Supercharged productivity, effectiveness, spaciousness, and ease are knocking.

Will you answer?

Your future self awaits.

Dedicated to your success,