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Jordan Gray is known internationally for helping men achieve better sex lives. He’s been featured in...

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What Others Have To Say...

"Women can tell when a man has taken the time to educate himself on sex and relationships. It’s always a great sign when I see that a man I am dating is following Jordan’s work online."

-- Afton

"Our sex life couldn’t be any better, thanks to Jordan’s advice. My man was good in bed before, but now our sexual connection is through the roof."

-- Jen, (former coaching client)

"I've worked with numerous counselors, therapists, trainers, and coaches in my life. I felt like I obtained more valuable life enhancing insights in 1 hour with Jordan than I have in the last 10 years of work I've done with all of them combined."

-- Breanna, (former coaching client)

"Jordan’s work allowed my sexuality to awaken. I stumbled upon his website one day and immediately felt like I'd won the sexual empowerment Super Bowl." 

-- Britannia

"My life is 100x better because Jordan has been a part of it. I would recommend any man to work with him, especially in the realm of sexuality."

-- Laura, (former coaching client)

"Changing your life can be tough, but with the gentle guidance and insight that Jordan provides, I have only seen positive results."

-- Devan

"Jordan’s level of care and understanding is deeply integral. His insight and support has had a profound impact on my life"

-- Heather, (former coaching client)

"Jordan’s work has been an absolute god-send for me in my sex life. My girlfriend used to be really frustrated with me because, honestly, I wasn’t that good in bed. Now my stamina has increased (like 10x better), my erections are solid, and I helped her have her first ever squirting orgasm. She looks at me so lovingly now… like I’m some kind of sex god!” 

-- Tom N., New York 

“I used to be so nervous when it came time to performing sexually for my wife. This program gave me the sexual confidence that I’ve always dreamed of. And since implementing these changes, my wife initiatives sex with me so much more often because of my new skills.”

-- Derrick A., Richmond, BC 

“I used to have a difficult time getting an erection, and I would cum really fast. Maybe 1 in 5 times I would have a satisfying enough of an erection to penetrate my girlfriend with (if I was lucky). Now, I’m 100% erect, 100% of the time that I want to be. And I have total control over how long I last!”

-- Ryan P. Dallas, Texas 

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