Queen of Blowjobs

Hello! Jordan’s wife Demetra here.

I have a confession to make…

I used to hate giving blowjobs. ⁣

It felt like this annoying thing I was obligated to do, even though I didn’t want to.

I rolled my eyes with my friends about how it was this thing men expected from us. ⁣

I had experiences where men shoved my head down.

I often did it while thinking the whole time about how I wished it was over. ⁣

I felt tired of giving men pleasure when sex always seemed to be for them.

Giving blowjobs didn’t seem to be the act of an empowered woman.

I thought penises were kind of ugly and .. gross. ⁣

And on top of that, while guys *seemed* to enjoy it… I still felt like I didn’t really know what I was doing. ⁣

Everything changed for me when I realized what was getting in the way.

And after that, I suddenly heard things from men like… “Holy ****, that was the best blowjob I’ve ever had.”

And “How did you do that?!!”

I didn’t have to just believe their words… I could see it on their faces.

Not only did my man’s pleasure skyrocket… but my own did too. I started having orgasms and getting wet just from giving head. (?!! yes, really)

It’s a special kind of satisfaction to know that your man knows he could never be satisfied by anybody more than you.

So what changed?

Well, it was a combination of understanding the emotional blocks getting in the way, discovering two secrets to increasing pleasure, and learning the best techniques so I was completely in control of the whole experience.

I knew what would bring him to the edge, and bring him back down, no more guessing if he was about to come… I became totally in tune with his body, and I was thoroughly enjoying myself at the same time.

All of these are skills that are learnable… and they are the secrets I am going to share with you.

I wanted to spread this knowledge to other women… so four years ago, I held an event called Queen of Blowjobs. It was a massive hit, 400+ women joined, and I received messages like this one:

“So, I was definitely one of the lucky ones who experienced an IMMEDIATE shift. Like, wow wow wow wow. I asked him “thoughts” and he said “I have no words” and said I wiped him out and it was time for bed. It was amazing. For both of us. And so intimate and sexy and raw and beautiful. And I loved it. Thank you for your work.” – Danielle

My husband Jordan and I often talk about this event and how incredible it was… so this year, we decided to team up, make it even better, and create a full course together, teaching you how to become Queen of Blowjobs. (You’ll hear from Jordan below!)

This course is a combination of what we’ve both learned from coaching men and women around their sex lives, what I’ve learned from my lovers, Jordan’s experience as a man… and most importantly, my experience with knowing what emotions women need to integrate in order to make this shift.

This is especially for you if you feel the way I described at the beginning of this post. ⁣

You’ll learn: ⁣

– Anatomy and physical techniques⁣

– How to reclaim the experience as your own⁣

– How to make it incredibly pleasurable for yourself⁣

– The blocks that get in the way and how to work with them

– The secret that made my partner go “… how did you do that??!!”⁣

– How to be both technically skilled and deeply embodied, so you give him the best blowjob he’s ever had

Here’s a note from Jordan…

Hey, Jordan here!

About three years ago, I created a program called ‘Inside The Male Mind’ that, to date, over 17,289 women from all around the world have gone through…

And one of the most surprising facts about that program is that there’s one little bonus video (all about giving amazing blowjobs) tucked away deep in the bonus module section…

And yet, that video is one of the most watched videos out of the entire program!

I often receive emails from women saying how much that single video transformed their relationships (with their boyfriends, or husbands) seemingly overnight.

“Oh my goodness… the blowjob video tutorials. I have him spellbound! I feel like we haven’t been this close and connected since the beginning of our marriage more than 25+ years ago. I notice him going out of his way to do any and every nice thing for me that he can think of. Thank you so much for your generous offerings.” – Susan

Because of the powerful effects of this one video, I always wished that I could make an entire program solely focused on blowjobs…

But it never felt right because, well, I’m a man (with no hands-on ‘experience’ to speak of)…

Luckily, now I have a wife who has the perfect experience and wisdom to complement mine.

When we started talking about this, we got so excited thinking about what a comprehensive course we could teach on this topic. And now that we’ve created it, we truly believe it is the best blowjob program that exists on the market, and the only one that includes both a male and female perspective.

By signing up today, you will get immediate access to the entire online program, which includes:

– The blowjob secrets he desperately wishes you knew

– Next-level blowjob techniques that you’ve definitely never heard of (and that he has never experienced)

– How to make a man fall even deeper in love with you with your oral skills

– Both the physical techniques and the internal/emotional tips you need to truly love giving blowjobs

– 4 more bonus resources that support you in healing any residual wounding with men, bring more pleasure into your life, and more!

– Over 20+ years of our combined experience in consulting thousands of men and women on their sex lives

We couldn’t be more excited to share all of this with you, and support you in creating the most fun and nourishing relationship to oral sex you could ever hope for.

Sign up today, and get immediate access to all of the Queen of Blowjobs material… for just one payment of $97 $37

I’ll see you on the inside.