Your Body Is A Miracle

Right now, in this very moment, your body is breathing for you. Your body is delivering vital nutrients to different parts of itself that it needs to function. Your hair, nails, and skin are all regenerating without your conscious thought being involved.

Your body is an absolute miracle.

But you don’t believe it.

You have been told, by so many others, that your body is wrong. Shameful. Disgusting. Imperfect. Unattractive. Unacceptable.

You have been fed so many lies about your body.

Just like there is no wrong tree in nature, there is no wrong body among humans.

You are exactly as you need to be.

Everything about you is beautiful.

Your body works for you tirelessly around the clock, from before you’re born until you die.

And yet you never slow down to appreciate it. In fact, you do the opposite. You condemn it. You insult it. You resent it.

And it still loves you.

Your heart still beats for you. Your food still digests. Your cells still regenerate.

Like a mistreated dog does to it’s owner, your body still loves you even when you treat it poorly.

Just imagine how well your body would function if you treated it with love, respect, care, and compassion.

Instead of insulting and resenting it, what if you thought loving thoughts and spoke loving words to it?

Instead of filling it with drugs, alcohol, and processed foods, what if you filled it with healthy, nutrient-dense natural foods that your cells crave?

Instead of ignoring it’s messages that it’s always sending you, what if you slowed down for long enough to heed it’s communication and hear what it has to tell you?

What would happen if you paid as much attention to your body as you do to your car, or your business, or the energy that you put into managing other people’s perceptions of you?

Slow down. Listen to your body. Your body is wise. It already has every message you need to hear.

You have a built-in knowingness inside of you. But through no fault of your own, you’ve turned a blind eye to your body’s pleas.

Every cell in your body looks up to you as it’s god… looking for guidance, support, and love.

It’s time that you started gifting yourself with the kind of love that your body deserves.

Dedicated to your success,