Jul 15, 2015

5 Sweet Romantic Gestures For Every Day Life

I recently wrote about grand, sweeping, powerful romantic gestures… and those are fine and dandy… but what about the every day, run-of-the-mill, soft and loving gestures?

Maybe you’re not one to really put yourself out there. Maybe your partner embarrasses easily and doesn’t like to have too much attention thrown at them. Maybe you’re just a fan of subtlety.

Whatever your reasons for wanting something a bit more bite-sized, here are five sweet romantic gestures for every day life. Carry out any or all of these and you’ll surely put a smile on your significant other’s face… and more love in their heart.

1. Become A Chef For A Day

Make them their favorite meal from scratch. Is their favorite meal something that is inherently more difficult to create (like fish and chips, crème brulee, or a specific type of burger with a hard to find protein)? Perfect! You’ll get extra brownie points for attempting it. It doesn’t have to be the best they’ve ever had of that meal, but even the thought of you trying to re-create it is a romantic gesture. That being said, do your best to make it as savory/delicious as possible.

2. The Warm Awakening

Go to a nearby coffee shop and bring them back their favorite drink to wake up to in bed (coffee, mocha, hot chocolate, latte, etc.).

This gesture works even better if you’re a morning person and your partner isn’t.

Make sure you know exactly what their favorite drink is to begin with! Whether it’s a hot beverage like coffee, tea, mocha, hot chocolate or a latte, or a cold beverage like a particular smoothie, cold-pressed juice, or coconut water, get absolute clarity about what their favorite drink is and then go and grab it for them. The devil’s in the details. And while it would still be a romantic gesture if you brought them the almost correct drink, they’ll feel that much more seen and loved if you nail it with 100% accuracy (especially if they’re picky about their drink).

Also, make sure you get the drink for them around the time when they would naturally start to wake up. If you show up with their favorite caffeinated drink at a time that is three hours before they would normally want to start their day, they might not be as pleased with you.

3. Miniature Love Note Surprise

Sporadically leave folded up single compliments in different places that you know they will come into contact with like their journal, purse, make up kit, tool box, kitchen drawers, their lunch box, etc.

Similar to an Easter egg hunt, you want to leave your love notes in places that are obvious enough that they will find them within a week or two. That being said, if you leave so many around the house that you forget where they have all been placed, it wouldn’t be the worst thing if they found an extra love note in an especially obscure location weeks, or even months, after your first placed the love notes around their life.

Keep the content of the love notes quite simple. One or two sentences will do. Compliment on things that they are used to receiving compliments on and also on things that get praised far less often. Compliment their personality, their mind, their appearance, who they are as a person, and what they bring to your life. The options are truly endless.

4. Relax and Unwind

In advance of your partner returning home from work (or just a long day of errands), draw them a bath and set the scene for a nice, relaxing sanctuary for them to unwind in.

Make sure you get the water temperature right. By this point in your relationship you likely know what level of heat they like in their water (you have showered together haven’t you?), so do your best to mimic that water temperature in the water with the timing of when they get home.

Add a few drops of their favorite essential oil into the water. Sprinkle a few dozen rose petals over the surface of the water. Light some lightly scented candles around the room (only once they’ve walked in, to avoid having an unattended fire hazard).

If you want to really kick it up a notch, you can even ask if they would like you to either wash their hair for them, give them a foot massage, or both!

5. Passionate Picnic

Plan a picnic for the two of you with their favorite foods and write a short love note on their napkin.

Pack a backpack/basket filled with the following….

– Their 2-3 favorite snacks or sides

– Two sandwiches or whatever their favorite meal is

– Two plastic champagne glasses

– A miniature bottle of sparkling wine, cider, or champagne

– Two small portions of their favorite dessert

– Three napkins – one for you, one for them, and the bonus napkin for your partner with your personalized love note written on it

– A portable music player (and batteries) to play music that is either relevant to the two of your, or super cheesy and romantic. If you go with the latter option, the more over the top it is, the better!

If you liked these five ideas, I’m certain you’ll like my new book 50 Powerful Romantic Gesture That Will Make Your Partner Melt.

In the book, I go into detail about fifty powerful romantic gesture ideas from the every day niceties to the grand sweeping gestures that they’ll remember forever. There’s something for everyone in here and it’s sure to level up your love life in no time.

You can check it out (on Kindle and paperback) by clicking here. Or on PDF here.

Dedicated to your success,




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