The Best Way To Get Unstuck (The Compass Exercise)

I often create verbal and written exercises for my clients to discover new things about themselves.  I came up with this one a few weeks ago and it has been giving a lot of different people a bunch of break throughs.

Give it a shot and you just might learn something about yourself (Introspection YAY!)

Heads up: it will take you about 15-20 minutes to do properly, but will pay dividends in removing stress from your life and giving you a sense of direction.

Answer each of these five questions, with five separate written responses for each.

1. How can I contribute to the world and make it a better place for others?

(five answers)

2. What habits can I practice to make myself a happier and better person?

(five answers)

3. What can I do today to improve someone’s life?

(five answers)

4. What could I do today to make myself 5% happier?

(five answers)

5. Who currently needs some support from me, and in what way?

(five answers)

So make sure you answer each of the questions, with five answers each (for a total of 25 written responses).

Got it?

Are you sure?

Alright, moving on…

Now I want you to go through all five of the sections and write a big capital  “H” next to the one in each section that you could do the fastest and with the least effort.

Got it? Great.

Next step…

Go through each section and find the response that is the most difficult to implement.  For whatever reason, one of them will feel like it is the most challenging.  Next to these answers I want you to write a capital “C”.

Still keeping up?

Once you have made your decisions, I want you to write up your two lists of H’s and C’s.

As you take a look at your list of H’s, realize that these are your Habits… your short term goals… the things that you have deemed as making you the happiest in the least amount of time.

Your list of C’s are your Challenges… your longer-term goals… your obstacles.

There are a hundred contingencies that I can’t account for through this medium, but I’m guessing that after having completed the exercise, your life seems a little bit clearer.

Are the ‘habits’ a bit TOO easy?  Maybe you need to focus more on integrating challenges into your life to allow yourself to grow.

The final step in this process, is to commit to doing one ‘habit’ and one ‘challenge’ by the end of the week.  I believe in you!

To your success,