The Intentional Life Ep.3: Cultivating Body-Love with Elizabeth DiAlto

On today’s episode of The Intentional Life, I have Elizabeth DiAlto.

Elizabeth works with people (primarily women) to help them to honour themselves, love their bodies, and reconnect to their feminine power.

In this episode we tangent like crazy and cover a lot of really good ground. We deep dive into body image, self-love, how to connect to our hearts, and a whole lot more.

Regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman, there’s something for everyone in this episode (especially if you’re tempted to skip over this episode… I’d doubly recommend that you check it out all the way until the end – because EVERYONE, society-wide, could benefit from building a few more steps in the bridge that connects their heads to their hearts).


During our discussion you will discover:

– The difference between band-aid fixes and fixing root causes when it comes to our physical self-love

– Why the phrase “things don’t have to be beautiful in order for us to love them” is true, and will always be true

– You can’t ‘hotwire’ your way into an intimate connection with someone. You need to do this instead.

– The simple thing that you can do to connect to your heart, your body, and your intuition

– The value of pushing and forcing vs. allowing and receptivity 

Resources mentioned in this interview:

– My interview on Elizabeth’s podcast entitled ‘How To Love Hard Without Love Having To Be Hard

– Elizabeth’s book: Untame Yourself: Reconnect To The Lost Art, Power and Freedom of Being a Woman

Elizabeth’s website

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