Why Entrepreneurs Are Bad At Relationships

Easily distracted, unpredictable moods, and eternally busy, entrepreneurs are notorious for being difficult partners.

In the context of business, entrepreneurs excel at leading others when they are in a position of authority. But romantic relationships are an entirely different ball game.

You don’t have control over your romantic partner like you have control over your employees. Your word might be law when it comes to corporate policy but (unfortunately) deciding what movie to watch with your significant other doesn’t fit under corporate policy.

By investing your time into your relationship, not only will your partner be happier, but you and your business will also thrive.

Why Entrepreneurs Should Invest In Their Relationships

Your partner helps you efficiently refuel your gas tank when you need it the most.

They bring you back to a place of balance and sanity when you’ve been burning the midnight oil for too many nights in a row.

So what can you do in a time efficient manner to keep your relationship firing on all cylinders?

How Entrepreneurs Can Improve Their Relationship In A Time Efficient Manner

entrpreneurs, entrepreneurs need to invest in their relationships

1. Set Aside Focused Connecting Time

Like a weekly board of directors meeting, setting aside focused time with your partner pays dividends for your collective emotional well-being.

Just like Richard Branson talks about how he doesn’t have time to not work out, you don’t have time to not make sure your relationship is in working order. If you have relationship stress clouding your judgment while you’re trying to get work done, then you, your partner, and your business will be suffering.

If Mark Zuckerburg can make time for distraction-free time with his wife, then you can too.

2. Make Small Deposits In Her Emotional Bank Account

There will come a time in your relationship (okay… many times) when you will need to ask your partner for their patience with you. Whether you need to push back plans, re-schedule a date night, or stay late at the office again, an understanding and supportive significant other could really come in handy in certain situations.

To avoid any potential blow ups that don’t need to occur, make your partner feel loved and desired even when your time is limited.

Give them random acts of service when they least expect it (breakfast in bed, massage, pick up their dry cleaning without being asked). Tell them how much you love and appreciate them in your life. Or, you know, just fuck them really well.

3. Consciously Invest In Your Relationship

Top level entrepreneurs and CEO’s invest in their business knowledge non-stop. High-performing athletes hire trainers, nutritionalists, and specialized coaches to be the best. So why wouldn’t you invest in your love life in the same manner?

Go to couples retreats, read books on sustaining thriving relationships, and intentionally work through your emotional and sexual road blocks.

Be just as intentional about your love life as you are about your health and financial wealth and you’ll be the envy of everyone at your dinner parties.

You’re So Close To Having It All

You get so much of your emotional fulfillment out of your work that a relationship can often seem like an extraneous activity. So when your relationship feels like a nuisance you psychologically distance from it. It is only then that you realize that your significant other isn’t a data point on your balance sheet… they are your confidante.

They are often the only person you can go to late in the night when you’re feeling stressed, or doubtful, or nervous. They are the mirror in your life that shows you when you are being foolish. And yet you still push them away.

Lean in instead. When you feel panicked and fearful or like you’re losing control, let yourself lose control. Breathe into it and see your partner for what they are… a gift in your life.

You’re not that far off from having the perfect balance between love and work. You just have to decide that it’s something that you believe in getting handled, and reach out and grab it.

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