We Are All Equations

We are all equations.

We over-complicate our lives… but it often really is this simple.

We think our problems are intricately layered and insurmountable… but we quite often just need more of this, and less of that.

Less pizza, more green juice.

Less sitting, more moving.

Less criticizing, more praise.

Less T.V., more books.

Less ruminating, more action.

Less perfection, more surrender.

Less racing around, more sleeping in.

Less porn, more slow sex.

Less consuming, more creating.

Less wishing, more doing.

Less screen time, more face to face connection.

Less achieving, more relaxing.

Less complaining, more gratitude.

Less negative self-talk, more self-compassion.

Less blaming, more self-responsibility.

Less self-compromising, more boundaries.

Less care-taking, more truth-telling.

Less isolation, more social connection.

Less planning, more starting.

What area of your life currently needs the most attention?

You’ll know it either by the fact that it consumes the majority of your thoughts, or it’s the thing that you’ve been neglecting and your heart keeps quietly pointing you in it’s direction.

To jog your memory, the most common areas of pain or frustration are health, wealth, sex, relationships, meaning, and play (or lack of play).

What can you cut out, or minimize in regards to this area of your life in order for it to thrive?

What can you add, or magnify in regards to this area of your life in order for it to thrive and expand?

Start here.

While our problems are never entirely black and white, the solutions to our problems frequently are simple and immediately actionable. It is only our minds that get in the way of these simple truths coming forwards.

I believe in your capacity to get through what you’re going through.

Dedicated to your success,


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