You Are Worthy Of Love, Right Now

One of the biggest problems that many of my clients face in their intimate relationships is battling their inner innate sense of worthiness.

That is to say, they don’t feel worthy of love from someone outside of themselves unless certain conditions are being met first.

Well, guess what… here’s a quick little reminder for you.

You are worthy of love, today, right now, in this very moment.

You don’t need to wait until you’re skinnier, stronger, curvier, or bulkier.

You don’t need to wait until you’ve hit your ultra-specific financial milestones or levels of career advancement.

You don’t need to wait until you’re the perfect friend, partner, parent, or anything else.

Your worthiness isn’t dependent on your bank balance.

Or the number staring back at you on the scale.

Or whether or not your social media feed looks impressive enough.

Even if you have an active addiction that you’re working through…

Or you still have issues with your parents that you wish you didn’t have.

Or your life is kind of a hot mess right now and you feel embarrassed about it.

You are still worthy of love.

In fact, it is often when we feel we deserve love the least that we need it the most.

Think back to any time in your life that has passed. Think back to when you were 5 years old… or 12… or 23. Can you honestly look back on any of those versions of yourself and confidently say “That old version of me definitely didn’t deserve love.” Of course not. All of those iterations of you deserved love, just like this one, today, deserves it.

So let go of your arbitrary rules, goal posts, and prerequisites that you allow to get in the way of your inherent worthiness and lovability.

You are worthy of love and belonging simply because you exist.

I don’t know what battle you are fighting in your life today, but I am proud of you for fighting it.