The Intentional Life Ep.6: Mastering Self-Love with Ruby Fremon

On today’s episode, Ruby Fremon and I discuss all things self-love.

We talk about her difficult past, the turning point that snapped her out of her life-funk, what her pathway to self-love looked like, and her unique philosophy on what it is that actually makes us more self-loving.

Ruby and I’s lives have overlapped in some pretty interesting ways over the last decade, but this was the first time that we’ve actually had a conversation. You don’t want to miss this episode.


During our discussion you will discover:

– How Ruby defines self-love

– What Ruby’s ‘rock-bottom’ looked like

– How and why you should fully own your story

– How the definition of addiction has shifted (to a much healthier, more all-encompassing place) over the past few years

– The soul-honouring reason that Ruby had to jump off of a boat during the middle of a party

– Some of the most important things that you need to cut out of your life in order to have a more self-loving relationship with yourself

– Why vulnerability is so damn challenging

– What specific fears stand between you and the new, more self-loving version of yourself

– Why the utterly terrifying cocoon phase of letting go of your old, toxic friends/social circle is a necessary step in your personal growth

– How courage helps you heal

– How mastering self-love will impact every area of your life

– Specific things that you can add to your life to boost your self-love

– Whether self is more about your thoughts or your actions

– The real reason that haters exist in your life, and how they’re hurting

– How to deeply love and accept everything about yourself (even your sometimes challenging or messy past)

Resources mentioned in this interview:

Ruby’s website

Ruby’s self-love tribe Facebook group

Ruby’s YouTube channel

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