You’re Better Off Without Me: A Love Poem

Love, I promise… you’re better off without me

I’ll fuck up your life, unrecognizably

When you play below your potential… hide from the world… doubt your greatness…

I’ll suffocate your smallness, your ego will hate this

I’ll smother your self-rejections until they can no longer stand

Old friends will say niceties that sound really canned, like

‘You’ve really made something of yourself. You seem so alive!’

You’ll threaten their stagnation… they’ll wonder ‘Maybe… I could thrive.’

I won’t stand for your half-truths, bullshit, or settling

Onwards to a trajectory of incessant up-levelling

This might sound like a lot. Even quite demanding.

But imagine a life so nourishing… with your heart ever expanding

So, yes, I get it… it IS a lot

And if I scare you, don’t give it a second thought.

If you want an ordinary life that is more unassisted,

Then you’re better off without me. Pretend I never existed.