Mar 12, 2014

How To Meet Amazing Women As A Digital Nomad

As a location independent entrepreneur, you’ve likely found it difficult at times to find meaningful relationships while traveling the world.

You want to taste everything that the world has to offer- whether that be food, experiences, or romantic relationships.

But sometimes it can be lonely staring at the Eiffel Tower or the Great Wall by yourself. Wouldn’t it be amazing to be able to touch down in a new country and already have dates lined up? Well my friend, it is very possible. And I’ll show you how.

What To Do Before You Get There

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1. Location, Location, Location

Before you arrive or book any accommodations, you’ll want to make sure that you’ll be staying in the area of town that is most conducive to having your kind of people in it.

Anyone who has stayed in Bali, Indonesia knows that you find a very different kind of crowd in Ubud (spiritual hippies) compared to Kuta (drunk partiers). So reach out to your network (or Google) and make sure that you’re staying in the part of town that will set you up for success in finding your crowd.

Nothing worse than arriving in a new country with your first week booked at a hotel that has you way out in the middle of nowhere. So do your research, and be where the people are.

2. Utilize Your Network For Pre-Approved Social Contacts

Assuming you’ve been a digital nomad for longer than a year, you likely have many other world travellers in your extended social network.

Post a public message on your social media account telling your friends that you’ll be going to Thailand for the first time and are open to suggestions.

Some of the best things that will come out of this are the recommendations for areas, restaurants, and experiences. But by far the best outcome of your post? An automatic social circle.

I have travelled through several different countries where I have landed with friends of friends waiting to greet me and they have always ended up leading towards the highlights of my stays.

I’ve had so many beautiful experiences (getting into ridiculous underground nightclubs in Bangkok, being shown the best bourbon bar in Montreal, and enjoying a last minute all-night beach bonfire in Bali) that have all come from electronic introductions to friends of friends via social media.

So stay open to possibilities when it comes to your social network. Even if the person you’ve been introduced to doesn’t seem like your type, she might bring out her half a dozen friends and show you the town.

3. Online Dating Is Your Friend

Online dating can be your best friend when used efficiently.

Set up an online dating profile using a service that has a good amount of global coverage (I recommend OKCupid). If having dates already set up before you touch down appeals to you, you can learn about setting up your profile in an attractive way in this article.

When you set up your profile in a high value and attractive way (in a way that naturally reflects your life without coming across as bragging), it’s insanely easy to land in a new city with dates already set up.

I landed in Montreal with five dates set up in the first week. I touched down in Paris with two dates already set up (one of whom was an amazing woman that I ended up dating for the full month that I was living there). Whether you are looking for local friends to go on adventures with, or a steady relationship, it’s ridiculously easy to find dates through online dating and it takes little to no time at all.

When You Arrive

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1. Be Approachable

When you touch down in your new city, do things that would make you seem approachable in any city. Make eye contact with strangers, chat people up, and offer to take photos for other tourists around you.

2. Choose Your Work Environments Carefully

Assuming that you will still be getting some work done while in your chosen city, be intentional about where you get the majority of your work done. Sure you might have to get certain focused tasks completed in the quiet safety of your hotel room, but for other lower leverage business tasks, always aim to work in coffee shops and restaurants that have a higher amount of foot traffic.

Get out and do as much work around other people as possible and you are bound to strike up some conversations with other travellers.

3. Lead With The Giving Hand

There are certain predictable items that other digital nomads (or travellers in general) are going to be craving in times of need.

Want a surefire way to break the ice with people in your vicinity? Pack an extra power converter, bottle of sun screen, bug spray, lighter, or any other useful device that your location might require.

Lead with the giving hand by being of service to your fellow visitors and you’ll have the easiest in possible. Whether you just chat for a few minutes, or they end up being your next significant other, you both win either way.

4. In Your Down Time

Be just as intentional about your off-hours as you are about your work hours.

Spend time doing events, activities, and experiences that would attract your ideal kind of people. Whether you attend a cooking class, dance class, yoga, or your favourite bands concert, you’ll find who you’re meant to find by doing things that you already enjoy.

Meeting High Quality People Has Never Been Easier

We live in truly amazing times.

The fact that you can touch down in another country and have a plethora of options for built-in social circles and places to sleep already booked in is simply awesome.

Be intentional about your dating life when travelling abroad and it will enrich your entire interaction with the new location (and your life in general).

Any specific questions about meeting people while living abroad? Feel free to reach out.

Dedicated to your success,




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