The Benefits Of Entrepreneur / Entrepreneur Relationships

I’ve written in the past about the best type of intimate partner for an entrepreneur, and things that driven people need in their love lives, but what about when both of the people in the relationship are entrepreneurs and/or self-employed?

I get this question quite regularly so I thought I would answer it publicly.

First of all, YES an entrepreneur can make an intimate relationship work with another entrepreneur.

I have seen and personally know dozens of examples of highly… HIGHLY functioning relationships between two entrepreneurs that have lasted for many years/decades.

In fact, go to any major networking conference/event and you’re likely to meet at least a large handful of entrepreneur – entrepreneur couples in attendance that seem blissfully happy with each other.

There are a few major points that I’d like to touch on to let you know (if you’re an entrepreneur looking to link up with another entrepreneur but you’re not sure if you should or not) that your relationship has a high chance of succeeding, despite what your risk-averse fears might be telling you.

Here are three reasons that entrepreneur – entrepreneur relationships kick ass.

1. Driven

Entrepreneurs are driven people by nature.

They know what they want, they know how to go for it, and they rarely stop before achieving their targets.

With this kind of head strong confidence, you can be sure that if an entrepreneur chooses another entrepreneur for an intimate relationship, they’ve done so because they’ve weighed all of their options and they have chosen that this person is the one that will be the best in helping them achieve their goals.

2. Passionate

Entrepreneurs are passionate people.

They work hard, they love what they do, and gosh darn-it, they want to change the world!

Along with this passion comes a high degree of intentionality.

Entrepreneurs are used to doing things for a reason. They schedule their work hours when they do because that’s when they operate the best. They outsource the tasks they don’t want to do because they know it keeps them away from engaging in their thing that they’re more passionate about and good at. And, from every single one of the entrepreneur – entrepreneur relationships I’ve witnessed, the people in the relationship love with a passionate level of intentionality that is almost unparalleled from what I see in most couples.

They have the overarching mindset of “I love my partner, and I want them to feel that from me 24/7” combined with the philosophy that “If something is a problem between us it won’t stay a problem for long.”

Just like entrepreneurs are used to putting out fires in their business lives, they attack the communication breakdowns in their relationship with the same kind of vigour. Passion for the win.

3. They understand the hours

One thing that being an entrepreneur brings with it is the knowledge that you have some really messed up working hours.

You don’t work 9-5… you won’t always be working a 40 hour work week (sometimes 10 hours in a week, sometimes 100 hours)… and there will be last minutes issues before you launch/merge/present/etc. that will need to be attended to even though Friday night is you and your significant other’s date night.

Entrepreneurial partners are generally more flexible and understanding because they understand how much your work means to you, but they also understand that the career you’ve chosen has some topsy-turvy work hours.

Plus, since they have their own business to attend to, they likely have work to do themselves when you have your work to do (even if it is 10pm on a Friday night).

Can Relationships Between Two Entrepreneurs Work?

Any relationship dynamic can work, and an entrepreneur partnering up with another entrepreneur is not only not out of the question, it’s highly advisable if that’s something that appeals to you.

Some people want a partner who is more of a supporting role in their lives, and others want a partner who can sprint along side them and enjoy their big wins with hands held high in the air.

Whatever you decide is best for you, just know that your relationship goals are always attainable… if you’re willing to put in the real, genuine effort.

Dedicated to your success,


Ps. One such example of a successful entrepreneur / entrepreneur relationship that I know of is between my married friends Alex and Mimi Ikonn. They both run businesses together and separately, while travelling the world hand-in-hand, and they both have an amazingly loving and balanced relationship. You can find out some of their top relationship secrets (for free, on YouTube) by clicking this link.