This Is The Point Of Life

We take life so seriously.

We’re running from one milestone to the next… thinking that all we are is the sum total of our accomplishments.

“Forget human being… I’m a human doing!”, cries the collective wounded unconscious.

But we forgot something that our inner child still remembers…

The point of life is to play.

To find the type of work that feels playful and explorative. The type of work that makes hours pass by without our awareness. The type of work that makes us excited for Monday… and Tuesday… and every day of the week.

To find the type of friends, lovers, and acquaintances that feel light and easy. The type of people who make us feel less alone in the world. The type of people that we don’t have to pretend around in the slightest.

To find the types of hobbies that engage our hearts deeply. The types of hobbies that make the hours whiz by. The types of hobbies that make us sweat, and laugh, and make our faces hurt from smiling so much.

To lean into life, with a building sense of forward momentum, marching towards our goals… while letting go of any attachment to the outcomes and laughing at the absurdity of what may come of our efforts, if anything at all.

Yes. This is the point of life.

To love fully. To live fully. To feel fully. To die with our hearts completely empty, and full.

The point of life is to play.


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