Feb 11, 2024

5 Types Of Compliments That Melt A Man’s Heart

Men need compliments too.

And yet, most men were more-likely-than-not raised in a way where they were fairly compliment starved.

Think about it…

It’s easy to imagine a woman complimenting another woman.

It’s also easy to imagine a man complimenting a woman.

But when we do an honest audit of the TV and movies we consume… and of the day to day interactions that we witness and engage in… women (or men) genuinely complimenting men is more the exception than the rule.

So today, I’m going to dive into five types of compliments that melt a man’s heart.

These types of compliments are primarily meant for women who are in romantic relationships with men. Some of these compliments could translate for a male friend to say them, but in this article, the focus is on compliments that are meant for a woman to say to a male significant other.

Alright, let’s get into it!

5 Types Of Compliments That Melt A Man’s Heart

1. Compliments about his body/appearance

While women definitely get the lion’s share of conditioning about their physical appearance mattering a lot, that doesn’t mean that they’re the only ones who like to be acknowledged for their body/appearance/more superficial traits.

Men absolutely benefit from body/appearance-based compliments just as much.

Not so sure? Try saying a few of the following (whichever you most believe/feel about your unique man) and watch him light up like a Christmas tree!

– ‘You are so handsome.’

– ‘You have the most beautiful eyes.’

– ‘You have such a kind smile.’

– ‘I love your hair.’

– ‘You are so sexy.’

– ‘I love the way you smell.’

– ‘I love that outfit on you!’

– ‘You are the best natural smelling man in the whole world.’

– ‘I love your face so much.’

– ‘You have the sexiest hands.’

– ‘Your arms are looking extra big lately!’

– ‘Wow… you weren’t kidding when you said you had been working out. Look at you!’

2. Compliments that tell him that you believe in him

Life can feel like a never-ending gauntlet of challenges for a man who’s up to big things in the world.

Compliments that tell him that you believe in him can really go a long way to filling up his love-cup.

Regardless of whether or not your man is in an especially daunting season of difficulties, try out a few of the following and take note of how he responds to them.

– ‘I believe in you so much.’

– ‘It is so easy to believe in you.’

– ‘I chose a really good man.’

– ‘I never doubt you for a second.’

– ‘I know that you can do this.’

– ‘You’ve done hard things before and persevered. You’ll make it through this too.’

– ‘I love watching you show up in life with so much courage. It is so easy to be your cheerleader.’

3. Compliments that champion his efforts

In terms of love languages, many men default towards acts of service as the primary way that they show love to their significant others. For example, taking out the trash, doing small home repairs, and doing the dishes after dinner’s done.

While it would be easy to take any and all acts of service for granted (after all, these are just part of adult life), it’s always nice to have our efforts acknowledged by our partners.

And… you don’t just have to compliment his domestic service. You can praise him for effort you see him deploying in any area of his life.

Try out some of the following, and see if he responds especially powerfully to any of them.

– ‘Thank you for taking out the garbage. I really appreciate it.’

– ‘Thank you for fixing the squeaky door! I feel grateful and relieved every time I use it and it no longer makes a sound.’

– ‘You have really been putting in a lot of extra time at work lately. Thank you for providing so well for us.’

– ‘Thank you for doing the dishes, my love. It is really helpful.’

– ‘I love watching you work.’

– ‘You are so good to me. I couldn’t have asked for a better boyfriend/husband/partner.’

– ‘I love seeing you play with the kids. I can tell how much they love wrestling with you.’

– ‘Thank you for mowing the lawn. It feels so much better out there now.’

– ‘This was such a lovely date. Thank you for organizing this for us. I feel very loved.’

4. Compliments that show that you respect him

Many women have heard that men would rather feel respected than loved. I say… why not both?

Love him up by acknowledging how much you love and respect him.

Try on some of the following for size:

– ‘I’m so proud to be your wife/girlfriend/partner.’

– ‘You’re such a good man.’

– ‘I have so much respect for the way that you move through the world.’

– ‘It took a lot of courage to admit that you were wrong/apologize/have that tough conversation back there… I really admire that you were able to do that. It was very attractive.’

– ‘I love how considerate you are with my friends/parents/co-workers. You are so aware of other people and I really appreciate it.’

5. Compliments that show that you trust him 

Let him know that you see him and that you trust his way of being in the world by saying a few of the following:

– ‘I trust you.’

– ‘I would follow you anywhere.’

– ‘I’m on your team.’

– ‘You’ve never steered us wrong in the past.’

– ‘I’m on your side.’

– ‘I don’t mind where we go for dinner tonight. Whatever you think is best.’

Iterate, Calibrate, And Make Them Your Own

Remember that these compliments aren’t just about ego-stroking – they should only ever come from a place of genuine love and appreciation for your partner.

Don’t feel like you need to exaggerate, or lay it on overly thick. Instead, find the perfect compliment that makes sense and feels genuine to you in your relationship.

And if you and your partner haven’t been overly praise and acknowledgment oriented over the years, you might want to start slowly by introducing these compliments bit by bit. Better to introduce it in a drip-feed kind of way, than to go from 0 to 100 overnight and have it feel too out of character.

Often men who are doing a great job don’t even feel like they’re doing a good job, so these compliments can be more valuable than you know to make your partner feel safe, seen, and loved in your relationship.

Three cheers for intentional loving!

Dedicated to your success,


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