Mar 10, 2014

Why Entrepreneurs Need To Invest In Their Relationships

How many books have you read in the past year on business?

Have that number in your mind? Alright, hold on to that.

Now, how many books have you read on intimacy and relationships?

If the number is more than a 2:1 ratio in favour of business books, you might want to seriously re-consider your strategy.

The Single Most Important Thing That Entrepreneurs Should Be Investing In

Entrepreneurs need to invest in their relationships.

I get it. Going it alone is sexy. And you were likely raised to believe that relying on others is a sign of weakness. But we are a social species and we need each other to thrive.

Of course you don’t need an intimate relationship in order to be happy along your journey of building entrepreneurial wealth, but it sure makes for an easier (and often faster) ride in your path to success.

Here are four kick-ass reasons why you should be prioritizing your intimate relationship over your hectic work schedule.

entrepreneurs need to invest in their relationships

1. Cuddling And Having Sex Are The Ultimate Stress Busters

Entrepreneurs need to recharge their internal batteries efficiently, and a romantic partner provides that.

Besides, you get massive boosts of stress busting hormones (like oxytocin and dopamine), your memory improves, and you lower your blood pressure and stress level when you cuddle or have sex.

2. Entrepreneurs Need Behind The Scenes Support

There’s nothing more challenging (and exhilarating) then waiting for a sale to come through in the final hour… or the feeling of launching a new product… or taking your company public. But these things are mentally taxing.

Entrepreneurs need the encouragement, and praise that come from being in an intimate relationship. Your partner reminds you of who you are when you feel stuck or lost in your business.

They are a guiding compass and a soft place to fall that you can lean on when things get tough.

3. The Right Partner Will Grow Your Business, Not Slow Your Business

Most entrepreneurs resist getting into relationships because they feel like it will drain their time, energy, and resources. They feel like it’s a poor R.O.I. of their time.

And, often, this is the truth. But not every kind of relationships wastes your time. Only the wrong relationships drain you.

Imagine that you are a speed boat. You can either get into a relationship with a partner that slows you down like an anchor dragging on the ocean floor, or get into a relationship with a partner that is the super fuel in your gas tank.

The right partner will bring out the best in you, keep you happier day-to-day, and inspire you in your business.

4. It Is The Single Greatest Decision That Affects Your Health, Wealth, And Happiness

Your love life has the greatest impact on your health, wealth, and daily levels of satisfaction than any other element in your life.

I have had so many millionaire clients over the past decade that are absolutely miserable because they don’t have anyone special to share their beds with. If you can’t maintain a thriving intimate relationship then your quest is an ultimately unfulfilling one.

Besides, as you may have experienced before, getting into a relationship with the wrong person can be a huge liability (ahem… divorce). So invest in yourself, your love life, and making your relationship a massive priority in your life.

Your health, happiness, and bottom line will thank you.

entrepreneurs need to invest in their relationships, nomadic lifestyle

What Are You Truly After?

Are you chasing after wealth because you think that it will get you into the best relationship possible? Let me ask you this. For the kind of high-character person you’re looking for, wouldn’t they be able to see you as valuable as you already are without a loaded bank account?

People that argue that relationships are a waste of time are often just hiding from life. It’s so tempting and safe to hide behind the wall of your career-building ways. But if you are just skirting the issue that opening up to someone who could see you for who you are is a little nerve-racking then maybe you need to lean in to making your love life a priority.

If you’ve been running on fumes, stop.

You can only delay gratification for so long until your mind needs to feel rewarded. So instead of waiting to start looking for love “one day”, shortcut the entire process by experiencing a loving relationship whilst you build your fulfilling career life.

You really don’t have an excuse not to be in a thriving relationship. It’s just good business.

This is one of the most common questions that I get asked about, so if you need help slowing down and opening up to love, let’s have a chat.

Dedicated to your success,


Ps. Want to become the ultimate partner and take your relationship to its maximum potential? Check out Fight Less, Love More today.



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