In Praise Of Emotionally Strong Women

Here’s to the emotionally strong women…

The women that have done their work.

The women that know the value of self-love and self-care.

The women that hold themselves, and others, to higher standards.

The women that have felt grief, and received the grief of their loved ones.

The women who turn towards their partners instead of away from them.

The women that have held on to every ounce of their life’s passion, regardless of how popular or unpopular it is to maintain.

The women that see through their partners suffering, and see the soul behind the pain.

The women that are a shoulder to cry on, and accept shoulders to cry on.

I honour the abundance of shame and hurt that has been healed in the loving embrace of strong women. The trauma, the abuse, and the sorrow that has been compassionately held by strong women.

I am grateful for every single tear that has ever been kissed away… or left to dry on someone’s face in the presence of a strong woman.

And if you are a strong woman reading this…

Whether you became that way through retreats, sisterhood circles, talk-based therapy, self-help books, long nights with lots of tears, or any other number of hard-won strategies… I thank you from the bottom of my heart for having walked the path that you have. Because if you have done your work, the world around you has undoubtedly felt it. Your friends, family, city, culture, and society have all benefited from the way that you carry yourself. You are what’s right with the world.

The ripples of your self-reflection and intentionality are felt further than you can imagine.

So thank you…

For loving out loud.

For not holding back.

For feeling to the depths of your being.

Thank you…

For being you.