The Intentional Life Ep.2: Radical Self-Love with Kelsey Grant

Today on The Intentional Life, I have amazing-badass-superwoman, and one of my personal coaches over the last two years, Kelsey Grant.

Kelsey is a love and relationship educator with her teachings rooted in a radical self love methodology. Simply put, she’s a self-love coach. And a hell of a good one, at that.

I’ve trusted her with some of my deepest, darkest secrets for a reason. This woman is a powerhouse of love and connection and she radiates all kinds of goodness.

If you’ve ever struggled with prioritizing your self-care and/or self-love practice, this short, value-packed episode will be a must-see for you.


(Side note: this is also one of my favourite episodes because Kelsey and I’s long -term friendship really shines through in it. It definitely has the most laughs of any Intentional Life episode I’ve recorded to date. So, if you’ve ever wanted to see me in a goofier mood, you’re in luck!)


During our discussion you will discover:

– The definition of radical self-love

– The difference between self-care and self-love

– Two ridiculously simple and practical ways that we can start implementing more self-love into our daily lives

– How we can become more aware of the bullshit stories that hold us back, and how to be more self-compassionate as a result of this awareness

– The problem with meditation, as most people try to practice it

– What discipline has to do with our relationship to radical self-love

– The flooding method vs. progressive de-sensitization

– The exact thing we can do to help other people in our lives be more self-loving, and kinder to themselves

– The most important thing we need to avoid when encouraging others (friend, family, lovers, etc.) along in their self-love practices

Resources mentioned in this interview:

– Kelsey’s website

– Kelsey’s book

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