How To Be A Beast In Bed – Removing Your Sexual Blocks (Pt. 3)

Sexual intimacy is just as much of an internal experience as it is an external one (if not more so).

The majority of people have some kind of hesitation, nervousness, or blocks around sexuality and it’s a normal and healthy process to be worked through with a trusted partner.

Here are three sexual blocks that people often take for granted.

Removing Your Sexual Blocks

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1. Make Sure That You Like Who You’re Sleeping With

You’d think that this would go without saying, but it doesn’t.

Many of my clients (who are unmarried) often find themselves questioning whether they have something wrong with them sexually because they don’t find themselves responding to their partners very strongly when it comes to their sex lives.

One possible situation could be that the person you are sleeping with just isn’t very sexually compatible with you. As I’ve detailed in the past (in this article) our bodies know whether or not our partners are good sexual mates for us even if we don’t. Little hints in their saliva, vaginal fluids, and overall scent keep us away from (and keep us running towards) potential partners that aren’t as compatible as we once hoped. So listen to your body and intuition early on in the relationship. If you find yourself connecting well on a logical and emotional level, but the sexual attraction is really lacking, that might be something that you need to listen to before you take it any further.

2. Make Sure That You’ve Cleared The Air

Little arguments that get brushed aside in your day-to-day relationship have a stifling effect on your sex life.

The more muck you let build up between you the harder it will be to connect sexually.

Everyone knows that the communication channels need to be wide open if your relationship is going to have any chance of succeeding, and this is especially true when it comes to your sex life.

Are there big (or little) things that need to be addressed so that you feel more comfortable with each other? Set aside time regularly to have these space clearing sessions and your respective libidos will thank you.

3. Make Them Feel Desired

Different things open different people sexually.

It might make you feel more loved and desired if, when you returned home from work, your partner dropped to their knees and welcomed you with a *kiss*.

And maybe your partner is opened sexually less by random sexual access, but more by unexpected acts of romance. Fill the house with a few dozen of their favourite flowers and draw them a warm bath to let them unwind in.

You never know how much they’ll love it until you try. So try!

In part four of this series you will learn what exactly to do during sex to become a fully integrated beast in bed. Check out parts 1 and 2.