Mar 19, 2014

How To Be A Beast In Bed - Sexually Strengthening Exercises (Pt. 2)

This is part two in the series on how to be a beast in bed. Check out part 1 over here.

So you’ve made your wish list, limited your porn use, and questioned the notion that women don’t enjoy sex as much as men do.

Now that you’ve connected with your inner beast, it’s time to get your physical reality matching your internal reality.

Sexually Strengthening Exercises sexually strengthening

1. Work Out Hard

To get in touch with your inner beast it’s an absolute necessity that you work out with some intensity at least once per week. A challenging workout is the most efficient way to re-connect with your inner beast. Borrow your exercises from traditional army training workouts for the best results (pull ups, squats, bench presses, and push ups).

2. Masturbate To Re-sensitize Your Body

Most men honed very unproductive masturbatory habits in their youth.

You masturbated to arousal and ejaculated as quickly as possible so as to avoid your parents finding out that you were touching yourself (which, as an act itself, had varying degrees of shame attached to it depending on your upbringing and beliefs).

Even more harmful is the fact that you frequently did it with pornography or some other external stimulus that made you less aware of the sensations you felt in your body.

To re-sensitize your body to your sexual arousal arch, set aside dedicated time to masturbate. All of the best lovers are experts at their own bodies, so consider your solo-sex to be like an exploratory study session. What do you respond to in terms of physical and mental stimulation? What kinds of thoughts keep coming back in to your mind (especially as you start climbing the hill towards orgasm)? It’s very difficult to lie to yourself when you’re about to climax, and your most honest sexual thoughts start to bubble up in the last few seconds before you come.

3. Do Kegels

If you have been disconnected from your sexual self for some time, it is highly likely that your mental connection to your genitals has lessened to a large extent.

The first step in waking up your cock is through kegel exercises. You might have heard of kegels. Kegel exercises are when you pulse or hold the muscle that stops the flow of urination from happening.

This exercise is great as a beginning step as it has a low ceiling as to how much muscle it can build or re-awaken by itself.

4. Do Power-Kegels

To take kegels to the next level, you’ll want to add some weight to your exercises.

Masturbate to arousal and then drape hand towels over your cock to do the penile equivalent of bicep curls (levelling up to wet hand towels, and then small beach towels over time).

The process of graduating from dry hand towels to a small beach towel should take at least 5-8 weeks. Don’t rush the added weight! Just like regular weight training, your muscle grows in the days of rest (so don’t feel the need to do these exercises more than 2-3 times per week).

By the way, think that you can’t grow your penis naturally? Wrong! The penis is actually 30-50% muscle (depending on your genetic make up) and can commonly be seen to grow in length and girth through regular practice. Anecdotally, I have seen the effects several times over in myself (I have phases where I am intentional about my penile practice, and other times where I have let my habits slide) and have had dozens of clients experience the same results through several specific exercises that I prescribe for more erectile strength and endurance.

5. Take A Martial Art Or Self Defence Class

While exercising in the gym by yourself can do wonders for your inner beast, taking a martial art or self defence class where you actually get hit in sparring will really take your masculine energy to the next level.

Nothing wakes you up from your hum-drum life quite like getting punched in the side of the head from a boxing glove. The challenge, focus, and discipline needed to consistently show up to a self defence class will not only improve your mindset and your sex life, but your overall feeling of confidence in your daily life.

I personally have been doing one-on-one combat training classes for the past year with an amazing (and intense) instructor and it is easily one of the best things I have done for the growth of my inner beast.

Coming Up…

In parts three and four you will be going through the emotional preparatory work and the action steps of what to actually do during sex in order to become a beast in the bedroom. Stay tuned…



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