Apr 3, 2019

The 5 Best Sex Positions For Men With Big Penises

Men seem to think having a big penis is all glory, positives, and upsides. But that’s hardly the case. Having a plus-sized penis just creates a whole new set of issues and anxieties.

Guys often relish in the porn-style fantasy of dropping their towel to reveal a humongous dingus, only to have the woman gasp and proceed to melt and fawn over how stunning it is.

But if you have a larger-than-average penis (bigger than 7 inches long, or 6 inches around) you’ve probably learned that her response is usually not that at all. Her most common thought in real life will be, “Umm… that’s not going anywhere inside of me…”, while energetically recoiling in anticipation of how much it might hurt.

We’ve somehow gotten this idea in our heads that women get together to giggle and complain about the small penises they encounter. In reality, if you heard every complaint women make about penis size, it’s more likely to be about him being too big, rather than too small. If a bigger guy isn’t self-aware about his potentially cervix pounding package, it can be a really unpleasant experience for the recipient.

The average length of the vaginal canal caps out between 6 and 7 inches, whereas the average penis is just over 5 inches. When you start pushing up to and past that vaginal length, total penetration becomes tough and maybe even impossible. It’s not uncommon for men with larger penises to literally never (in their entire lives) have the experience of having all of themselves inside of their partner.

The Not-So Known Problems of Having a Big Penis

Guys with big penises might have less size-based confidence issues, but it’s not like they strut to an internal Bee Gee’s soundtrack everywhere they go. They know struggles and troubles all the same.

On the simpler side (and some might call it a dumb problem) you have a way harder time doing simple things like finding condoms that fit and won’t break, and pay a premium when you do. So safe, casual hookups become a rare option, unless you constantly keep your pockets stocked with your favourite brand of plus sized condoms. 

But the biggest problems, ironically, are in the one place where being well hung is thought to pay off the most – sex itself.

Guys with big penises hardly ever get the experience of fitting all the way inside their partner, or being able to totally unleash and fuck wildly, because they will slam into her cervix and cause tons of pain in most sex positions. He has to bring way more caution and mindfulness into something that should be about abandon and pleasure. 

If he’s not well-versed in the best sex positions for his situation, partners will often turn down sex with him because they’re either too sore from the last experience, or don’t want to get sore in the first place. Being denied the feeling of connecting with your lover because of a fixed body trait you can’t help feels like absolute shit. 

I might be making having a big penis out to sound like a total burden (though it can feel that way at times), it’s just that people usually over-glorify the pros and never consider the cons. Having a penis on either end of the size spectrum has its own unique advantages and challenges. It all comes down to learning how to master wielding your specific sword.

The Benefits of Having a Big Penis

As a well-hung guy, you should be proud! You don’t have to struggle with the all-too-common “is it big enough?” chronic male anxiety. You’ve got a natural boost to your self-esteem and confidence. There are plenty of women who would be incredibly stoked with what you have.

Where lesser-endowed men would have trouble naturally accessing the cervix to trigger deeper, full body orgasms (often called the “C-spot”), you can hit it with intention and ease. Just as smaller men might be able to do a few positions you can’t, you can do plenty they aren’t able to as well.

A big penis has a ton of potential. You just have to bring some mindfulness and curiosity into the equation to use it wisely. 

The biggest thing you want to avoid is falling into the trap of being lazy about learning all the subtle arts of being a great lover. Just having a big penis isn’t enough. What turns women on the most is passion, edge, intensity, and dynamic stimulation. You are not just a walking large penis with feet. 

A large penis can either be an asset or a liability… depending on the mindset that surrounds your relationship to your sexuality.

Since you’re reading this, I know you’re anything but a lazy lover, and you know these woes well. So, this list will help you learn how to have great sex with your partners, and what sex positions are the best and safest for both of you. 

The 5 Best Sex Positions For Men Who Have Big Penises

1. Reverse Cowgirl

Ass lovers unite! Not only is the view amazing from this vantage point, it naturally protects the receiver and gives them control. The man has limited range of motion because his pelvis is pinned by the woman’s delicious, juicy thighs. And the woman gets to decide the depth and speed of penetration.

This position is a 180-degree spin on regular cowgirl. The man either lies on his back or sits upright (either in a chair, or on the edge of a bed) and the woman mounts him while facing away, rather than toward him.

best sex positions for big penises

The guy gets the best view while lying down, but play around to see what feels and works best for both people. When he’s fully horizontal, the man also has a prime opportunity to work in some simultaneous anal play for the woman as well, using either a thumb, finger, or toy of choice.

To improve the show, and also play with the angle and depth of penetration, the woman can lean forward and prop herself up on her hands, or forearms.

2. Spooning

The ol’ international cuddling standard is a great sex position to naturally create space and lessen intensity. Both partners lay on their sides, with the woman facing away and the man pressed against her back.

best sex positions for bigger penises

It’s like a sideways/horizontal doggy style, but the man has less thrusting power in comparison, so it’s much less vigorous for the woman. This position gives them both much more control to make micro-adjustments with the bed or floor as a grounding point. 

Supported by the bed, or floor, the man can remain still while the woman takes more control by swirling her hips. Or, if the guy is more actively penetrating, she can adjust the depth of it by bring her knees into and away from her chest, with her thighs acting as a natural buffer.

3. Vertical spoon (aka “The Inverted Turtle”)

If the woman is particularly fond of clitoral stimulation during penetration, she will be a big fan of this position.

Similar to the classic spooning position, where the couple lays on their sides with the woman in front and man at her back, the vertical orientation is the same. But rather than facing to the side, the couple faces upwards. The man lays on his back and the woman stacks on top, facing the ceiling.  

best sex positions for men with big penises

There are a lot of things to love about this position. First, the man can’t penetrate as deeply, which means he can usually cut loose and pump harder/faster. Second, it spreads open her front body, and puts a natural arch in her back, which creates tons of real estate for the guy’s hands to cover – from her ribs, breasts, thighs and neck. 

Lastly, when the woman lets her legs fall open, both she and the man have a prime, spacious opportunity to stimulate the clitoris. Paired with penetration, this is position is just asking for a full-body orgasm. Use a vibrator here for best results.

4. Lotus Pose

This one is a traditional staple of tantric sex, but it also works very well for our purposes here. The man sits upright, cross-legged, while the woman sits on top facing him, with her legs wrapped around the base of his back.

best sex positions for guys with big penises

Based on where she sits on his thighs, she has tons of control over the depth of penetration. Sliding back towards the knees creates plenty of space, while moving closer toward him takes it away and increases intensity.

Try adjusting this pose by having either person straighten their legs, as well as playing with the tilt of their bodies – leaning more backward, forward, or to the side.

The natural bonus of this pose is the increased intimacy through proximity and opportunity for sustained eye contact, which is much of the reason why this position is so popular in tantric traditions. It also aligns your spines in an upright position, and makes it easy to do breath work in tandem. You don’t have to go that far, but ancient wisdom says this setup should blow some minds.

5. Standing Doggy Style

This position is very comfortable but also ridiculously fucking hot (tip: it looks incredible in the mirror. If you don’t have one in your bedroom, try this one out in the bathroom pre/post shower.)

This position is like classic doggy style, where the man mounts the woman from behind. But instead of the woman being fully bent over on her hands, arms or shoulders, she stands upright, or keeps a slight bend forward at the hips.

best sex positions for men who have bigger penises

Rather than being fully pressed up against her like in regular doggy style, this modification gives an extra couple of inches of space to act as a buffer. If she wants more or less space, the woman can make adjustments by closing and opening her thighs. Another way to give an extra buffer of caution is for the penetrating partner to have his hands supinated/grabbing her bum… so that his hips can’t slam into her buttocks, but only into his own hands.

The man can try holding her by the hips, breasts, arms, neck, etc, to play with leverage points for balance and thrust power.

And lastly, it’s not a sex position, but it’s a crucial tip for men with bigger penises: communicate.

Yes, communication is always vital to great sex. But if you know you have a bigger penis than most, you need to be extra mindful of checking in with your partner and making micro adjustments as needed. People are already slow to speak up in general. When it comes to the bedroom, we’re extra sensitive and worry about offending someone, or making things weird. Take initiative in making a safe container for her to be vocal about what she wants and needs.

You don’t need to tell her what your past partners have said, or what their preferences were, if you don’t want to (although it doesn’t have to be a big deal, and might actually help a lot). Just make her feel invited to be honest, and take it slow when you’re first getting to know each other’s bodies. Ask how it feels as you go deeper and encourage her to voice what feels good and what doesn’t.

So, there’s your head start to better sex for bigger dicks. Use these sex positions as introductory platforms to experiment with and create new options to suit the preferences of you and your partner. Keep communicating and you’ll develop your own unique repertoire in due time. 

I applaud you for doing this kind of research. Most guys who pack a lot of heat don’t tend to be driven to develop real skills in the bedroom. Instead, they meander obliviously from one partner to the next, thinking they’re killing it because “size = pleasure”, or so we’re told. Kudos for being real and checking your ego at the door.

Stay open, stay in communication, and may your penis be happy till the end of your days.

Dedicated to your success,


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