Aug 19, 2017

Feeling Sad/Anxious/Grumpy? Read This

Bad days happen. They are unavoidable.

But sometimes our minds take our bad days and make them appear much worse than they actually are.

Go through this series of questions, reminders, and action steps whenever you’re in the dumps and you want to get back to feeling grounded, connected, and content.


Did you sleep well last night?

Have you had water recently?

Have you moved your body much today?

Have you eaten anything in the last few hours?

Have you been working extra hard for the past few days/weeks?

Have you been spending more time alone than you usually do?

Have you convinced yourself that your life is always going to feel like this?


There are people in the world who love you.

This too shall pass. Whatever you’re feeling right now, it isn’t permanent.

You are safe. You are loved. You are supported. You are cared for.

You are allowed to have bad days. Your bad day doesn’t mean anything more than what it is.

Feelings come and go like the weather. There doesn’t need to be a solid explanation for your emotions.


Take a nap.

Have a bath.

Drink some water.

Eat a big, colourful salad.

Take a few deep breaths down into the bottom of your belly.

Reach out to someone who loves you. Let them know how you’re feeling. Allow them to support you.

Leave your house (without your phone) and go sit in a public park. Observe the people around you. Remember the lives of others are also happening. There are others who need your love and support too.

Eat a meal with a friend.

Do something slow and simple. Lie down on the ground and be still for a few minutes. Stare at a flickering candle while you take a few deep breaths. Read a bit of a fiction book.

Your mood can be influenced by the smallest of actions. Start small, but start.

You will get through this. This feeling needs to be here for a reason.

It will pass when it is meant to.

Dedicated to your success,


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