How To Be The Kind Of Man That Women Crave

I’m going to let you in on a little secret…

A lot of women are feeling pretty frustrated these days.

If they can find a partner with direction and career-focus in his life, that partner is often stuck in ‘work-mode’ and doesn’t fulfill her emotionally.

Conversely, other men who are overly adept at reading and calibrating to her moods usually lack the passion and drive that attracts women.

Women are perpetually choosing between the safe option, and the one that makes them feel something. One has strength, and the other has sensitivity.

But there is a better way.

You can cultivate the habits and awareness that make you into a modern man of strength and sensitivity.

Try out these five tips, in roughly this order, and I guarantee that your emotional awareness, contentment, and love life will all benefit…

1. Find Your Mission In Life

Like the concrete under a skyscraper, if you don’t know what lies at your foundation, your vertical growth will always be stunted. I’ve written about this extensively in the past, and there are very few things as important in a man’s life as what his over arching contribution to society is. You can not get around this point. Turn off your cell phone and sit with a journal until you figure this out.

2. Live Like A Survivor

From this day forwards you don’t have the right to be a victim any longer. Take complete responsibility for your life. You aren’t a fan of your job/social circle/situation? All of these things were shaped by the thousands of decisions you’ve been making over the past few years of your life. Your light side sees your life as your art… but your dark side sees it as war.

To move from being a boy to a man you must take full responsibility of everything in your life. Accept it as it is. And then try to change it if you wish. But don’t resist it as it already exists. That’s like sitting on a sail boat and getting mad at the wind for blowing in the wrong direction. Move your sail, and do what needs to be done.

3. Live With Compassion

Remember that everyone and everything in your life is interconnected. And not just in the energetic, hippy sense of the word ‘interconnected’. I mean that if you are a jerk to people, it will quickly make its way through word of mouth that you are a jerk.

Assume the best in everyone. Stop yourself from judging others whenever you catch it. Be nice to yourself and resist negative self-talk.

4. Exercise

As archaic as it might sound, women are still attracted to the feeling of protection that having a strong partner provides. Does this mean that you need to live at the gym and have a rocking six-pack? Not in the slightest.

When I talk about strength throughout this article I am not referring to physical strength but mental strength. Women are attracted to strong-minded men (AKA people in general are attracted to strong-minded people). Being able to stand up for what is right, protect what you care for, and doing the right thing are all behaviours that communicate a certain mental strength and agility.

A mature man can show his sword without using it.

For general self-esteem, self-control, and to gain a deeper relationship with the dark side of your masculine I do recommend going to the gym, or getting trained in a martial art/self-defence class. Although there is a 99% chance that you will never need to use what you learn throughout your life, just knowing that you are able to handle yourself in all situations will allow you to carry yourself through all of your interactions with more confidence and control.

5. Remain Connected To Her In All That You Do

Women can always feel when you are not fully present with them. Playing video games while you sit on the same couch as them does not qualify (to the feminine) as spending time together. Your attention is off of her, therefore, she does not feel you being present.

Leave work at work… meditate for greater focus… if you had a stressful day at work breathe it out before you enter her apartment.  Show her that she is just as much of a priority to you as your job is.

You might already be rocking a few of these already, and for that I say congratulations. But if you feel a total lack in one of these areas then maybe it’s time to add more fullness to that part of your life. A quality woman’s hand will not be won by a lazy suitor. In the end, the only way to attract the women of your dreams is by becoming the man of her dreams.

Dedicated to your success,


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