The Intentional Life Ep.7: The Ultimate Nutritional Supplements

This week on the Intentional Life, I interview my good friend Mike Muscari.

If you follow me closely, you might recognize Mike from various things I’ve posted over the last year.

Mike is a wave surfing, biohacking, dog-owning serial entrepreneur with a heart of gold. He also lives his life with a high degree of intentionality, so he was a perfect match to have on the show.

nanonutra, liposomal

He is the founder of the company NanoNutra, which produces nutritional supplements that boast a significantly higher absorption rate (due to utilizing liposomal technology) than traditional supplements can offer.

After posting about how I personally consume his products on a daily basis and enough people asking me about what liposomes actually are, I thought I’d have the founder of the company on the show to explain it better than I ever could (and he definitely didn’t disappoint).

stress, stress busting, nanonutra, liposomal

In this call we dig into:

– What the heck liposomal technology actually is (actually, first a really nerdy, in-depth explanation of what liposomes are, and then a super simple explanation of what they are)

– Why liposomal supplements offer drastically better absorption rates than regular supplements

– Why Mike decided to live in a van for over half a year by himself (and with his beautiful doggie)

– How Mike strategically leaned into his emotional processing after a challenging breakup

– What Mike’s overall life philosophy is when it comes to feeling alive every single day

– What Mike gets out of leading men’s groups on a weekly basis

– The drug that Mike used to access his deeply repressed emotional residue

– Why Mike credits a lot of his success to Napoleon Hill

– The difference between being alone and experiencing loneliness

– The nutritional supplements that Mike consumes on a daily basis that his company doesn’t produce

– And much, much more!


A few things that were mentioned in this interview…

Mike’s website, NanoNutra

Napoleon Hill

I hope you enjoyed this interview and got a lot of value from it.

I’ll have a couple more video interviews coming out in the next few weeks.

Dedicated to your success,


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