TIL Ep.8: Dan Go On Cultivating A Health Body And Mind

This week on The Intentional Life video series, I interview my long-term friend and brother from another mother, Dan Go.

I first met Dan in 2012 and quickly became enamoured by his beautiful heart and amazing mindset.

Professionally, Dan helps people cultivate healthier bodies, while concurrently working on their minds (he’s a Mr. Miyagi like that).

Truthfully, I have wanted to do this interview for well over a year. I wanted to have Dan on the show because he is the kind of man that I think about whenever I hear women say things like “There aren’t any good men left out there.”

Dan is healthy, happy, kind-hearted as a motherfucker, and just a genuinely great guy.

In this episode, we discuss:

– his highest leverage daily habits that help him be his best self

– how to use meditation, journaling, and self-reflection to never veer off your life’s path

– the importance of small incremental change and ‘seed habits’ to transform your life for the better

– the necessity of doubling down on your core tribe/friends/family members

– how his relationship partner keeps him balanced and helps him be a better man

We then flip the switch and Dan asks me some questions about my life and my processes.

We get into, among other things:

– how I get so much writing done (500+ articles and counting)

– what a normal day looks like for me

–  and much, much more.


Dedicated to your success,


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