I Want To Love You Like This, Every Day

This is a collection of words for any human being… regardless of whether you are currently in a relationship, or you are holding space in your life for an amazing, heart-burstingly fulfilling love to enter.

The story goes that love is supposed to fade over time. The honeymoon is apparently supposed to have ended. But with us, it just keeps burning more brightly.

Because of this, there are some things I want you to know about me. To know about us.

I want to love you in a way that has people asking us if we’re newlyweds, when we’ve been together for decades.

I want to love you in a way that heals all of the wounds, scars, and the I’m-not-enough’s that have latched their way on to your heart.

I want to love you in a way that makes people tell us to get a room – and then not get a room (because if loving publicly is a taboo, then I want to rebel with you).

I want to love you in a way that, even when we fight, we always feel connected to each other’s hearts.

I want to love you in a way that even if we’ve both had two weeks of terribly sporadic sleep, our love will still shine through the cracks of our grumpiness.

I want to love you in a way that makes it easy for us to communicate about absolutely everything… sex, death, philosophy, fears, and dreams.

I want to love you in a way that prioritizes connection, depth, and intimacy, over ego, emotional contraction, and the silent treatment.

I want to love you in a way that allows us to do sweet, thoughtful, and romantic things for each other just because. There will be no holiday on the calendar necessary for us to show our love to each other.

Through struggle, loss, grief, and the inevitable ups and downs of life that will challenge us individually, and as a couple, I will be there to love you with a degree of intentionality that you will have previously only dreamt of.

I know that I will inevitably mess up some of the time… and I will let petty grievances get in the way of my heart’s light… but this is my aim. This is my intention.

I want to love you like this, every day.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to love as brightly as I never thought I’d be able to.

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