Apr 3, 2019

The 5 Best Sex Positions For Men With Small Penises

Is your penis smaller than you’d ideally like it to be? Are you worried it’s not big enough to satisfy a woman, or have good sex?

If so, you’re probably buying into a big load of bullshit and false ideas perpetuated by the media. I’m going to tell you why having a smaller penis is actually a good thing, and what sex positions are best to leverage what you’ve got.

The average size of an erect penis is just over 5 inches long (5.18″ to be exact) and 4.5 inches around. If you’re working with something in the range of 2 to 4 inches in length, and a little slimmer, then that would qualify as a “smaller” or shorter than average penis. 

Now here’s a shocker…

On the whole, women don’t even really care that much about dick size. Now, are there women (and men) who self-identify as “size-queens” who adore larger penises? Yes, absolutely. But it’s mostly just men who believe that a large penis is a necessity, simply because they’re so obsessed with dick size themselves. You can blame our natural competitiveness if you want to, but for whatever the reason, guys tend to internally measure their level of “manliness” by the size of their package, and how well it stacks up against others. 

Our reptilian brain instinct is to make as many babies as possible (regardless of whether or not our conscious mind wants us to be parents or not), so it makes sense that most guys desperately want to be seen as desirable, competent lovers, otherwise some part of us feels like we’re failing as men.

But this need creates a huge problem when we assign our value to the wrong things. Because when we’ve tangled up our “manliness” and worth as mates with our penis sizes, and over-invest emotional stock below the belt, we project that onto women and assume they must think the same way about us. Thereby manufacturing a huge source of anxiety that’s not even based in reality to begin with. 

Add on the abundant brainwashing we receive from pornography and soon enough pretty much every guy is dreaming about making the big reveal in the bedroom and hearing her say in a raspy voice, “oh my god, it’s soooo biiiiiig…” as if that would mean that he’s immediately a god among men simply because he’s packing heat.

To believe in this whole “bigger is better” idea, which has somehow become a conventional belief among modern men, is to be straight up wrong. Having a large penis does not equate to good sex – not by a long shot.

The majority of women would much rather sleep with a guy who has a below average sized member and is a skilled lover, rather than endure the regular risk of pain, discomfort, and limited positional repertoire from a porn star sized penis. 

Peak sexual pleasure and great lovemaking have very little to do with the size, but everything to do with energy and knowledge. Having a huge penis can actually get in the way, both literally and figuratively.

I’ve heard many women complain that, on average, guys with big dicks aren’t good in bed. They fuck like it’s their only asset, and never put the time in to develop any complementary sexual skills or sensual sensitivity. Because they’re well hung, they just think they’ve got it in the bag, as if female adoration and orgasms should be automatic symptoms of them getting hard, which couldn’t be farther from the truth.

The Benefits of Having a Small Penis

The truth is, there are tons of benefits to having a smaller penis. Here are just a few:

  • You have the good fortune of being a more compatible lover with way more women
  • You have a natural drive to master oral, fingering, erotic psychology, and other skills that make you a more dynamic and quality lover
  • You have access to more positions that other men can’t do without fear of seriously hurting their partners
  • Most sex toys are made for you
  • Most condoms are made for you

Perhaps the biggest benefit, in terms of her pleasure, is the maximized stimulation of her G-spot (the highly erogenous area on the upper inside wall of the vagina, about two knuckles deep.) Having a smaller penis means the tip of it will more often stroke and stimulate this area while thrusting and gyrating in many positions. Use your tool right, and you might be the guy she raves about having more orgasms with than anyone else.

The G-spot is around 2 inches inside the vagina, which itself has an average depth of 4-6 inches. So what would you want a bigger dick for anyways? Your ego? If you still struggle with that, you have to learn to let it go. You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be. Never, ever buy into this “grow your dick with magic pills” garbage. All that does is put money in the pockets of assholes by preying on baseless insecurities and keeping people thinking they’re abnormal or should change something about their body. Fuck that.

So, are you ready to own your situation below the belt, get over your hangups around size and master working with what you’ve got? Good! Let’s dive into the top sexual positions for men with smaller penises, which will deliver maximum pleasure for both you and your partner.

5 Best Positions For Men With Smaller Penises

1. Split Scissor Missionary

Hooo boy, this one is super hot and a lot of fun. It sounds more like a trick a skateboarder would do in a half pipe, but it’s actually the most under-utilized sex position out there.

The woman lies down on her back and the man faces her, like normal missionary position, but he leans on his left arm, places her right leg over his body, and wraps his legs around her left leg. So he’s on his side, she’s on her back, and he’s somewhere halfway between missionary and spooning.

best sex positions for small penises

This gives deep access while allowing for easy kissing and lots of connecting at the same time. This position also offers a wide spectrum of intensity. For example, it’s great for going slow and kissing, while comfortably being able to massage her breasts, or clit, and easily switching to your fingers. It also gives plenty of space for either of you to use a vibrator. 

Alternatively, having your legs wrapped around her leg also creates the opportunity for your leg to stimulate her clitoris (which she can grind into with ease). You can also pump much harder and more fully in this position than most any other. To turn up the heat (and polarity) a little bit, put your left hand behind her neck, or clasp both hands together behind it, and carefully – but firmly – pull her head toward you while penetrating. This creates even more leverage to go deeper, harder, and rock her world. 

2. Doggy Style

best sex positions for small penises

Doggy style is to sex what Kung Pao chicken is to Chinese food. It’s a reliable staple, but always a spicy way to mix things up. 

The woman is on all fours, while the man stands on his knees and mounts her from behind, placing his knees on either the inside or outside of her legs, with his hands on her hips, ass, or around her torso.

This position allows for deeper access to the vagina by getting your legs out of the way and closing the gap between her vaginal opening and the base of your shaft. 

From here, there are tons of modifications you can make to increase your leverage. One option is to try having the man raise one of his legs up and out to the side, with the foot flat on the ground, in a “take a knee” position. This might slightly reduce the depth of the stroke, but you can play more with angles and gain some extra thrusting power. 

The second is for both people to shift their weight backwards, where the woman brings her butt closer to her feet, while the man sits on his heels and leans back slightly.

This way, he can hold her by the hips and pull her toward him while thrusting slightly upwards. This angle and position unlocks the absolute maximum power and speed of the thrusts. Remember, subtlety and sensitivity is always the best practice. But sometimes, you’re just in the mood to hop on the train to pound town.

Another fun aspect of doggy style is it creates a natural dominant/submissive energy and allows you to easily play with other elements of eroticism. 

To amplify this a little more, the man can try things like tugging on a fistful of hair or holding her by the neck and shoulders. He can also easily use a thumb or smaller finger to simultaneously stimulate the anus, which many women find pleasurable (check in first if you’re unsure).

3. Modified Missionary

A fresh spin on an age-old classic. This simple adjustment will open up missionary for deeper penetration and more fun overall.

Starting from traditional missionary position (woman on her back with legs parted and the man laying face down on top) the woman brings her knees together and toward her chest, and throws her feet over the man’s shoulders. The man leans forward and rests his hands on, or near, her shoulders.

best sex positions for small penis size

This position allows for super deep access and naturally brings penetration more deeply into the woman. This especially puts pressure on the upper side of her vagina, where the G-spot is. With the angle and depth, gyrating in this position can also be especially effective in generating tons of sensation. 

For an alternative modification, starting from missionary, the man slides his knees higher up and out to the side, ending up in a wide-legged frog position, with her legs draped over his and her pelvis lifted slightly. This can be taken another step further by the man planting his hands by threading his arms through her legs from the inside, behind her knees or lower thighs. This further tilts her pelvis upward and gently presses her legs toward her shoulders, which emphasizes the depth and G-spot stimulation. 

4. Propped up Reverse Cowgirl

best sex position small penis

This position creates a delicious view of the ass and the act of penetration, while giving the rider full control over the deeper action. Strap in, watch her hips work their magic and just try not to finish too quickly.

Reverse cowgirl can be done with the man either lying down or seated in a chair. From either position, the woman gets on top, but instead of facing him (regular cowgirl) she faces away toward his feet. The adjustment here is to place a few pillows or cushions under the guys butt to give extra lift, in order to more easily allow for the deepest possible penetration. 

If you’re a hands-on type of guy, sitting in a chair is best to allow you tactile access to her front body and back.

5. Side Cowgirl

If reverse cowgirl is a full 180 degree rotation from regular cowgirl, side cowgirl is halfway between the two, with a 90 degree turn to either side. With the man either in a chair, lying on a bed or seated at the edge, she drapes both her legs out over the side and gyrates. If it’s on a bed, she can plant her hands behind her and lean back to get extra leverage, while relaxing her upper body a bit more. 

best sex position smaller penis

This position takes the similar access benefits of doggy style, while letting gravity add a little extra penetrative potential by using her body weight.

It’s not the most active or vigorous position, but it’s perfect for making out, talking dirty, and enjoying more of a slow burn style of sex. The man can feast his hands on her body, breasts and neck, while kissing, licking, or biting everything from the chest up.

For men with smaller penises, these five sex positions will maximize impact and have both of you feel the satisfaction of deeper penetration.

Remember: people have been parroting the old cliché “it’s not the size, it’s how you use it” for so many years for good reason – because it’s true. Size really doesn’t matter and any one penis size has its own unique strengths and weaknesses. 

The fact that you’re owning what you’ve got and are actively learning how to rock your cock puts you at the top percentile of sexual badasses. Size might not make the list of what makes an insanely good lover, but a thirst for knowledge and openness to learn is definitely in the top three.

Keep up this attitude and you’ll be a wizard status lover in no time!

Dedicated to your success,


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