Oct 23, 2017

Squirting 101: How To Make Her Squirt

In the minds of many people, female ejaculations are as mythical as centaurs and fire-breathing dragons.

For the minority that have either had a squirting orgasm, or experienced a woman having one, it’s an undisputed and glorious possibility.

In this deep dive, we are going to cover the core components of helping a woman have squirting orgasms.

Much of the squirting literature out there reports that a minority of women (anywhere from 1-6% of women) are able to have squirting orgasms. In my personal experience and professional opinion, I would wager that over 80% of women are able to have squirting orgasms, given the right circumstances.

Sure, not every woman may have the physical ability to do it (just like there are no 100%/black and white/hard and fast rules about anything when it comes to human sexuality).

Sometimes it comes down to how the glands are positioned in her body and how much fluid they’re able to produce.

But if you stay patient and positive, the worst case scenario is that you’ll still be helping her have the best G-spot orgasms of her life.

But first, the question that’s on everyone’s mind…

So, is it pee, or what?

pee sample, how to make her squirt

Usually, the answer is as cloudy as the mainstream attitude toward female ejaculation in general, which is hazy and hesitant at best.

But I’d like to step out on a sturdy limb and definitively shout, “NO, IT IS ABSOLUTELY NOT PEE!”

My opinion has been shaped not only from first-hand experience, but spending years immersed among the world’s leading sex experts and coaches.

The body is complex and we would be foolishly arrogant to write off squirting as mere pee after only an initial round of preliminary studies. Heaps of more research still needs to be conducted.

Arguing that it’s urine is also a baseless and flimsy stance to take. There are far more legitimate reasons why that’s not the case.

In 2007, a Viennese urologist (pee doctor) examined the urine and ejaculate from several women. He and his team found that the two were very chemically different.

The ejaculate contained glucose, fructose, prostatic acid phosphatase (PAP) and prostate-specific antigen (PSA), which we now know are produced by the Skene’s glands – the equivalent of the prostate, which is instrumental in male ejaculation.

However, urea and creatinine – two key components of pee – were nowhere to be found (if only in trace amounts) except of course in the urine samples.

Female ejaculate is also exclusively a clear, or lightly milky liquid. It never stains sheets or towels with the yellow hue that urine does.

We might not know exactly what it is yet, or how it all works, but I think we can finally throw away the possibility that ejaculation = urination.

Besides, who even cares what it is if both you and her are enjoying the shit out of it?

Squirting Orgasms: Social Stigma, Trauma, and Shame

The biggest obstacle a woman will have to face in cultivating the ability to squirt is in her own mind. Depending on the study, somewhere between 6 and 60 percent of women have experienced ejaculation before.

There is a massive amount of societal programming and shame around the idea. Because squirting looks like peeing, and feels like peeing, it therefore must be peeing and becomes this filthy, filthy thing that you should never, ever do.

For an example of negative cultural attitudes, look to the UK. Back in 2014, they banned the production of pornography that features squirting, claiming it was harmful, offensive, and too difficult to tell apart from other unsavoury “water sports” – whatever the fuck that means.

how to make her squirt, squirting orgasms, g-spot

You need to remember this while working with her. Because if she doesn’t already squirt, or have any friends that do and openly talk about it, she’s likely even less familiar with the topic than you are. Even if she’s curious and open to trying it, she’ll likely have some unconscious internal blocks that will need your love and support to work through.

You can have all the tools and confidence in the world but if she doesn’t feel safe, or genuinely want to ejaculate, then it’s not going to happen.

She has to learn to totally and completely let go and release her mind and body.

While the sensationalist title of this article tells you that you can make a woman squirt, in reality you invite a woman to be able to have a squirting orgasm by helping her relax, trust, and surrender into her body. There is no forcing a G-spot orgasm. They must be surrendered into.

When she’s reaching a G-spot orgasm, she might feel a swelling in her pelvis that feels a lot like the urge to pee. The reflex is to clamp down on this sensation to ensure she doesn’t release her bladder for fear of the consequences.

It takes a great degree of conscious effort to override this reflex, which prevents ejaculation and mutes the intensity of her orgasms overall.

This is where you come in.

Your support and energy is going to make all the difference. A woman can only cum (especially in the early days of leaning into G-spot orgasms) as hard as her partner is warm and accepting. Show her that she’s safe and that anything she does is acceptable and hot to you. If she’s worried that she has to pee, hold space with an attitude of not giving a shit. Reassure her that it’s not and tell her that – even if it is – you want her to lean into it and pee all over you. This will positively reinforce the behaviour and allow her to release any mental blocks as they arise.

How To Make Her Squirt: Preparation

Tidy up your place so it feels and smells nice to be in. Create an atmosphere that’s conducive to deep relaxation – sweep/vacuum/dust beforehand… play music, light candles, set up oils/incense, etc.

(Side note: for more ideas, check out How To Set Up Your Bedroom For Better Sex)

Before you get into any physical touch, take the time to connect deeply and clear any blocks in communication you have between you. Make sure there’s nothing that’s holding you back from her and vice versa. The more open and flowing you are with each other, the more likely her vagina will be too.

Start things off with a sensual massage. Get her fully relaxed – feeling open, nurtured and taken care of. See my article here for a full walkthrough on how to knock this out of the park.

Put several full size towels aside to layer and protect your sheets. Even better, buy a quality sex blanket online that’s completely waterproof and super absorbent. It will save you tons of hassle with having to clean all of your sheets on a daily basis.

Lastly, fully expect her to have emotional releases in the process, during or post-orgasm. These are deeper orgasms than most women have ever experienced and therefore much more transformative/cathartic than anything they’ve experienced before sexually.

If she cries, love her through it. Hold her close, show your tenderness, and accept her fully.

The G-spot

It’s a common misconception that only 1 to 6% of women can have G-spot orgasms. In my experience, this is ridiculously inaccurate. The truth is that a small percentage might actively have G-spot orgasms, but that’s because the rest don’t have the right guidance or connection to their body necessary to get them there.

The truth is that – with the right partner, techniques, and mindset – at least 80% of women have the ability to achieve G-spot orgasms.

And the fact that there is even a remote debate about whether or not the G-spot exists is laughable. Just because a few morons in lab coats couldn’t feel anything distinct while fingering some poor woman sitting on butcher paper in a fluorescent-lit office, doesn’t mean jack shit.

The G-spot swells when she’s aroused and becomes much more noticeable to the touch. And when you jam on that exact spot, it makes her lose her mind and get wetter than the Niagara Falls. Yup, it’s definitely a real thing.

how to make her squirt, squirting orgasms

1. Locating Her G-Spot

After warming her up with some massage, kissing, and petting, if you place a finger inside her, with your palm facing up, you’ll feel a subtly spongey spot about the size of a quarter on the upper inside vaginal wall. It’s not too far in, only about an inch or two at most.

This is the classic telltale landmark for the G-spot.

Beneath that layer, you’ll feel an engorged tube that runs from the G-spot and slightly further in – also generally referred to as “the groove tube”.

This is the general area we’re going to be focusing on to achieve the desired results.


2. How To Stimulate Her G-Spot

Fair Warning: This is going to get intense. Your forearm and fingers are going to work (and potentially cramp) harder than they every have in your entire life. Stretch, practice, and power through like a champion. Your stamina and strength will increase in time.

Starting with one finger, begin just past the G-spot and make a gentle but firm pulling stroke toward you. It should be about the pressure you would use to finger paint or wipe an eyelash off your face. We want to leave room to build tension, but not be annoyingly gentle.

With slightly less pressure, run your finger back up and retrace that stroke back to the starting position – and repeat. Try not to let the pad of your finger break contact, unless you’re giving her a break.

Slowly increase the pressure and the speed. As your stroke gets a littler faster, your finger movement should start to resemble the classic “come hither” wiggle, as if you were teasingly signalling someone to cross the room toward you.

For bonus points, throw in a random deep scoop as far back as your finger(s) can reach and sweep all the way forward over the G-spot.

To get an idea of timing, try this quick exercise using a stop watch and your middle finger. Place your dominant hand on a tabletop and tap your middle finger as if you were hitting the “delete” key on a keyboard. Start with one slow-motion tap every two seconds, then one per second, two per second, three, and up to four. This is the full range of speed that we’re going to play in.

As you start warming up to medium speed, incorporate a second finger. I recommend using your middle and ring fingers, for reasons I’ll explain in a moment. The motion here is basically like you’re trying to clap with one hand. To get a better idea of what I mean, use those two fingertips together and repeatedly try to scratch the wrist of the same hand.

3. Full Swing/Splash Zone

This is where shit gets real.

Once you’ve slowly built her arousal up to a rolling boil, it’s time to blow the top off. There is literally NO LIMIT to the pressure you can apply here. I have literally put every ounce of strength and intensity I had into this, while grunting and wearing the game face of a Spartan warrior who hasn’t ejaculated in over a month.

This is the kind of intensity you’ll need to summon sometimes to go the distance and finish the job.

The best form here is to use “bowling ball grip” – middle and ring finger inside her, with index and pinky finger pointing downward toward her butt. Keep the inside fingers bent and give it everything you’ve got.

For best results, take your other hand and place it firmly palm down on the front of her pelvis. This will keep her from bouncing around, which makes it easier on you and increases sensation for her.

Keep in dialogue with her. See what feels good and verbally reinforce her pleasure – tell her how hot she is and how bad you want her to come for you. Chances are, she’ll just not want you to stop what you’re doing.

Follow your intuition, calibrate, communicate, and then, hopefully…

Welcome to Squirtsville! Population: You.

how to make her squirt

I wonder if this stock photo model knew that this image would be used in articles about squirting orgasms. Seems pretty inevitable.

When she hits the tipping point into orgasm, shift to a “grounding palm”. Pull your fingers out and press your palm against her clitoris and vaginal opening. It’s hard to explain exactly what this does, but it’s kind of like completing an electrical circuit, rather than letting it arc and escape everywhere. Plus, countless women report that it feels fantastic.

Depending on whether the orgasm was more clitoral versus G-spot/combination, after a few seconds (usually 4-10) you should be able to dive back in and repeat the process. Now that you’ve already brought her to orgasm, you can ramp up much faster and bring her back to it – quite often inside of a minute. I have had multiple partners who were able to have more than a dozen squirting orgasms, back to back, within a 30 minute period.

Experiencing a woman squirt is unforgettable, and I wish you a fulfilling journey on your way there.

Remember that women usually have a lot of fear around this and will need your unconditional love to work through it. Whether she squirts, doesn’t squirt, cries, doesn’t cry… simply love and accept her through all of it.

Be present, patient, and put her at ease. Her ejaculate is absolutely not pee, and it’s a totally normal part of the female sexual experience.

So go forth and gush with liberated abandon. Squirting is an amazing expression of a woman’s sexual pleasure, and those women that are lucky enough to have the capacity for it should celebrate it.

Enjoy your stronger forearms, more sexually blissful partner, and increased laundry load!

Dedicated to your success,


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