Oct 17, 2016

The Best Sex Toy For Men, Ever

If you’re toying with the idea of investing in your sexual pleasure, then you’ve come to the right place.

There’s a general perception of male sex toys as being silly and superfluous. I mean… why buy sex toys when you have a perfectly good hand to use?

Just because it’s relatively easier for men to orgasm than most women, doesn’t mean that we need to be so utilitarian and efficient about our orgasms. Men deserve mind-blowingly intense sexual pleasure too.

As referenced in my article 5 Sex Toys That Every Couple Should Own, there’s one male masturbator that I believe is head and shoulders above the competitors when it comes to physical sensation.

Introducing The Most Weirdly Named And Most Pleasurable Sex Toy Known To Man

Earlier this year I product tested half a dozen of the world’s leading male masturbators and, hands down, the one that won in the category of ‘Most Pleasurable’ was the Tenga Flip Hole.

tenga flip hole, tenga flip hole review

I know… not the most romantic name. But what it lacks in name-cleverness it more than makes up for in physical sensation.

The Tenga Flip Hole is like a futuristic, space-age, cylindrical, hollowed out gummy bear that you lube up and put your penis in… and it feels… fucking… fantastic.

Think of the best blow job you’ve ever had, and multiply that by five. My hands literally started to get tingly and go numb the first time that I used it.

Now, results may vary because sexual pleasure is different for every one. But I’m going to do my best to describe what it’s like so that you can get this magic into your life (if it sounds appealing to you).

What The Tenga Flip Hole Feels Like

Right off the bat, I feel it necessary to say that the Tenga Flip Hole is NOT trying to feel like an artificial vagina… as many/most male masturbators (like the Fleshlight) are.

The Tenga Flip Hole is designed to feel like it’s own, unique sexual experience.

The best way that I could describe the sensation that the Tenga Flip Hole provides is as follows…

It’s like an uber-ribbed, tight, wet vacuum of a sex toy where you have full control over if, how, and where the tightness occurs. The intensity is indescribable. It doesn’t feel like a vagina (nor does it aim to be)… if anything, it feels like an amazing, tight, skillful blow job where you’re in full control of the intensity and placement of pleasure.

I can’t hype this thing up enough. I frequently recommend this sex toy to my male clients who have a difficult time lasting in bed (because the intensity forces you to go slow, enjoy the pleasure, and build up sexual stamina over time).

How To Use The Tenga Flip Hole

Overview: you open it up, cover it in lube, close it up with the plastic clip, masturbate with it, and then clean it up and hang it open to dry. Let’s go into each of these processes step by step (with handy dandy photos for almost all of the stages!).

Step 1: Open it up

The Flip Hole garnered it’s name from the fact that you can open it up completely (again, unlike the Fleshlight) and this is the first thing that you do when you’re about to use it.

Slide off the plastic clip, and open it up fully.

tenga flip hole, tenga flip hole review

tenga flip hole, tenga flip hole review

Step 2: Prepare it

Once open, I recommend running it under some warm/hot water for 30-60 seconds in order to make it feel more inviting.

Tenga sells a warming stick that you can insert into the Flip Hole beforehand, but I tried it, and honestly it’s so poorly designed that I’m not even going to link to it. Just use hot water. It’s more efficient and it works better.

After warming up the plastic with water (over the sink), shake off the excess water and begin adding lube to it.

I didn’t take a photo of the lube application because I didn’t have any lube on the day that these photos were taken, but suffice it to say that you want to cover the entire inside (of both sides) with a water based lubricant. While you aren’t looking to be so extravagant that you empty half a bottle into it, you do want to make sure that you cover every nook and cranny in there by smearing it around with your fingers.

tenga flip hole, tenga flip hole review

(Side note: the Tenga Flip Hole often comes with three miniature single-use types of lube listed as mild, wild, and real. While they feel decent/alright, I would recommend using your own high quality water based lubricant. The pre-packaged lubes smell overly chemically and I don’t really trust them with how strongly they smell. They don’t seem very natural. User beware.)

Step 3: Put the clip back on

After it’s all lubed up, you slide the clip back on.

This is generally the only part of the user flow that can be a bit tricky. You have to fold the device together and then align it properly with the plastic clip. This sometimes takes 2-3 tries before it slides on properly… but there’s no need to rush (you are about to experience one of the best orgasms of your life) so it’s all good.

tenga flip hole, tenga flip hole review

Step 4: Masturbate

The device is heated, lubed up, and locked in place by the plastic clip… now it’s time for you to enjoy it.

Photo intentionally left absent from this section for NSFW purposes.

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Step 5: Clean up

Along with sexual pleasure intensity, clean up is where the Tenga Flip Hole really stands above it’s competitors.

Most male masturbators can’t be thoroughly cleaned or dried all the way through due to their design… but not the Tenga Flip Hole.

You can open it right back up, use hot water and soap to clean it in it’s entirety, and then hang it up to dry on the plastic clip.

tenga flip hole, tenga flip hole review

It generally is fully dried and ready for storage within 30 minutes, but I suppose that this could vary slightly depending on the climate that you live in.

All in all, clean up is an efficient breeze, and the process totally satisfies my overly germophobic nature.

Pros And Cons Of The Tenga Flip Hole

I’ve mentioned a few of these throughout the article thus far, but I find it beneficial to write out an official pros and cons list so that you know what you’re getting yourself into.

Tenga Flip Hole – Pros

– Discreet design

When the device is closed up, it definitely doesn’t look like a sex toy. I’ve had a few friends see my toy sitting out and ask if it was a bluetooth speaker (for amplifying music). So it doesn’t stick out like a big, obvious sore thumb when you have it laying around.

– Superior sensation

I can’t impress this upon you enough. It feels phenomenal. The suction/tightness/sensation is unparalleled in the world of male masturbators.

– The three buttons that increase intensity

There are three buttons on the outside of the Tenga Flip Hole.

If you press the button closest to the entrance it makes it tighter there (presumably mimicking the entry way of a bodily orifice). If you press the middle button it makes the entire device feel tighter. And if you press the button the furthest away from the entrance, it makes it tighter at the head of your penis.

The control you have over the entire process is pretty great, and each button makes for a uniquely pleasurable experience.

– Clean up/drying time

This is also where the Tenga Flip Hole really shines. Clean up and drying time are phenomenal. This thing is OCD male masturbator approved.

Tenga Flip Hole – Cons

– Lack of ease of use with the sliding clip

It sometimes takes 2 or 3 times to line it up correctly (whether you’re sliding the clip on to masturbate or sliding it on to close it up after clean up/drying). It slows down the user flow slightly, but not in a significant or prohibitive way.

– Noisy

Some people don’t like the sounds that it makes (personally, I don’t mind it – it sounds like a slurping blow job). But if you live in a small home with people and don’t want them hearing what you’re doing, then this might be an issue for you. But you could always just use it while in the shower to minimize the chances of being heard. Or, you know, just learn to be okay with people knowing that you masturbate because you’re a human and it’s normal and great.

– The lubricants that it ships with

It sometimes ships with three different lubes that are chemical-y smelling and NOT worth using. I’d recommend getting your own water based lube.

– 50 uses limit?

The product manufacturers state that the Tenga Flip Hole may start to wear down after 50 uses, but I am well past that point and it shows no signs of breakdown… so they’re more durable than you might think. The product that I used for the photos in this article has been used 50+ times (“OMG I’ve been looking at a used sex toy this whole time!? WTFforrealzies!”) and it shows no visible signs of wear, so the proof is in the pudding.

– The entryway not looking very inviting

Many online reviewers complain that the entryway doesn’t feel very inviting, and yeah, it’s true that it looks a bit like a catfish’s mouth. But it’s not like you’re staring at the entrance of it while your penis is being enveloped by it, so I feel like this is a moot point.

tenga flip hole, tenga flip hole review

You’ll Especially Like The Tenga Flip Hole If…

To be honest, I think that any person with a penis would benefit from owning one of these bad boys. But here are some people that I think would especially benefit from the Tenga Flip Hole.

You’ll especially like the Tenga Flip Hole if…

– You’re looking for a unique experience that is unlike anything you’ve ever felt before

– You’re looking to increase your sexual stamina and want to utilize a device that more closely resembles a mouth/vagina than your hand

– You feel like leaning into your sexual self-care practice and you want to invest in something fancy and wonderful

The Four Different Models And What They Each Offer

There are four different Tenga Flip Hole models, each with their own unique selling point.

And, for context, I feel it necessary to mention what kind of penis I have, so that you can make an informed decision as to which one you should go with. It’s taken me four years of writing online to get to this point of intimacy with you… so here we are.

I’m quite well endowed in both length and girth, and this factors in to the product type that I most frequently recommend… but you may want to try out a different model for different reasons. Before purchasing my Tenga Flip Hole, I worried that I might not fit in it, but it expands on the top and bottom and can fit any size penis (unless your penis is literally thicker than a Coke can – which it isn’t).

Here is a brief overview of what the strengths of each of the four models are, followed by my personal recommendation. Here we go!

Tenga Flip Hole Black: This model has a lot of complexity in it’s internal design. It has a ton of texture, ribbing, angles, and large balls strewn about inside of it. For this reason, it offers the most intense stimulation of the four. In fact, I would say too intense. Good luck lasting longer than a few minutes. This also might not be the best choice for overly well endowed guys since it has a significantly tighter fit than the red and silver.

Tenga Flip Hole Red: This model has the most straightforward/boring internal design. It’s just a bunch of little plastic bumps. This device also seemed to have the loosest fit, and not in a good way. It reminded me of the user experience of the Fleshlight in that the sensation kind of felt like I was just swimming around in it (compared to the tightness of the black and white models). Not a fan.

Tenga Flip Hole Silver: This model has really strong, angular plastic edges in it… and it kind of looks like a pond of shattered ice. The hard lines aren’t as nuanced as the other models, so it makes for a less interesting type of stimulation. This one was my least favourite of the four.

Tenga Flip Hole White: This model is by far my favourite. It has the complexity of internal design like the black, with additional smoothness, tightness, and roominess. It felt like it was the best of both worlds on every metric that led to the most satisfying sexual experience. And, for what it’s worth, this models feels the most like a (magical) vagina.

Cheat sheet: for most people, I’d recommend the Tenga Flip Hole White. If you’re a little on the smaller side penis-wise and not opposed to an intense sexual experience, I’d recommend the Tenga Flip Hole Black. The red and the silver… meh. Not that impressive.

The product also ships (and bills) with very discreet verbiage and packaging, so you won’t get busted for having bought a sex toy, if that’s something that you care about.

Whichever model you choose to go with, I wish you the happiest and most satisfying of masturbatory experiences. Enjoy!

Dedicated to your success,


5 Sex Toys That Every Couple Should Own

The Best Sex Toy For Women, Ever

Kill Stress, Boost Testosterone, And Have Better Sex

Ps. Want to watch a video review by me of this exact product? It’s your lucky day!



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