Jul 30, 2017

The Single Best Sex Toy For Couples (Crescendo Review)

Shortly after the release of my two articles The Best Sex Toy For Men, Ever, and The Best Sex Toy For Women, Ever, I received this question from a long-time reader:

“Do you know of any sex toys that both men and women can benefit from? As in, one toy, that both a man and a woman can derive a lot of pleasure from… something that a couple can use together. Ideally, it’d be a sex toy that doesn’t have a big long cord (like the Magic Wand) and is waterproof or at least water resistant (since I’m a squirter). Thanks!”

At first, I didn’t know of any sex toy that both men and women would love. Sure, men can benefit from vibrating toys like the Magic Wand, but the cord is cumbersome and the powerful vibrations (and limited settings) are overwhelmingly stimulating for most people.

As I tend to do when I don’t have a perfect answer for a reader question, I went into research mode.

I set out to find a sex toy that was wireless, easy to clean, and would be able to bring highly controllable, highly customizable pleasure to a clitoris, G-spot, and anus.

I knew that it couldn’t just be a male masturbator, because that wouldn’t do anything for a woman (aside from seeing a male partner enjoy themselves), and it couldn’t just be a G-spot stimulator… because, while men can absolutely benefit from these toys by stimulating their G-spot, the shape of most G-spot toys aren’t as ideal for stimulating the male G-spot.

I’ll save you the trials and tribulations of the dozens of toys that I tested out (by myself, and with a partner)…

This is what I found.

Introducing… the single best sex toy for women AND men…

The Crescendo, from Mystery Vibe

best sex toy for women and men, crescendo

The Crescendo

(from a company called Mystery Vibe) is a vibrator. But this isn’t your grandma’s old vibrator.

It’s a bendable, waterproof, powerful six-motor vibrator that conforms to your body’s shape.

Regardless of whether you’re cradling your testicles with it, using it to bring your G-spot to new heights, or penetrating a bum with it… this little gift gets into all of the fun-to-reach places.

What Is The Crescendo And Why Is It Amazing?


has a lot of upsides to it that made me want to write this dedicated article on it. Here are a few of the most apparent benefits and features.

1. Various modes and intensity settings

best sex toy for women and men, crescendo

The intensity is fully controllable (from the four buttons, on either side of the device), and there are many different modes that you can cycle through depending on how much (and what kind) of stimulation you prefer.

There’s also an app that you can download that gives you access to even more modes of vibration. I didn’t download the app because I’d rather not look at any screens during sexual play, but some people really enjoy experimenting with the bonus settings.

(Bonus tip: once you find the intensity and setting that you like the most, hold the + and – sign at the same time, for three seconds, to lock off the mode… so as to not accidentally change the settings when you’re gripping the toy firmly, pre-climax.)

2. It’s bendable and fully adjustable

best sex toy for women and men, crescendo

The Crescendo bends into many different shapes depending on what you’re using it for. Simply put, the toy can be bent into any “I”, “C”, “L”, and “S” shapes (and everything in between) with ease.

Each folding part has its own motor inside of it, so there aren’t any ‘dead-zone’s’ in terms of the vibrator not vibrating. The whole thing feels very alive, all the way through.

There’s also a perfect amount of stickiness to the moving parts. In other words, they aren’t so stiff that it’s ever challenging to bend them, but they’re also not so easily moved that they change shape during a rougher G-spot stimulating session. A+!

3. It’s quiet

The Crescendo is also significantly quieter than the Magic Wand (and most other vibrators I’ve experimented with). I’m not sure if it’s quieter because of the material that the vibrators are enclosed in, or if they put some extra magic in there… but it’s really quiet (which always helps if you have children/room mates/neighbours/thin walls, etc.).

4. It’s fully waterproof

I didn’t believe this at first (“Wait… you mean water resistant, right?”) but it’s true. This toy is waterproof. As in, you can fully submerge it in water while using it (during a bath, for example) without issue.

Extra valuable for people who like to have sex in the shower, people who masturbate in the bath/hot tub, or for people who are squirters.

5. It uses conductive wireless charging

I felt old when I didn’t even know that this was a thing that sex toys were capable of yet… but you charge your Crescendo by placing it on a little plastic platform. This is similar to how you charge your electric toothbrush.

It charges this way so that you don’t have to plug anything directly into it… and it stays sealed (which is what makes it waterproof).

best sex toy for women and men, crescendo

6. It ships discretely

If you’re worried about people seeing you as a kinky sex fiend… have no fear!

Crescendo ships discretely (“Personal massager”) so your neighbours won’t know what fun you’re up to… until they hear your moans through the walls.

best sex toy for women and men, crescendo

7. Six bendable sections, six motors 

Powerful, nuanced, sleek, and sexy… this toy has it all.

On its maximum setting, it can be as overwhelmingly powerful as the Magic Wand, and there’s a gradient of less intense vibrations on the way down the scale. I personally tend to use it around the half-way point, intensity wise (and it’s more than enough for a powerful, sustained orgasm).

8. Made of high quality, body-safe, premium silicone

Have you ever smelled a silicone sex toy and thought “This doesn’t smell like I should be using it in/on my body…”. Well, you’re totally correct.

Most sex toy companies use phthalates to make their toys softer and more flexible. And phthalates are a known carcinogen (aka can be cancer causing).

The Crescendo doesn’t use any phthalates on their toys, and they use premium, body-safe silicone that is good for your body and your health.

In other words, it doesn’t smell bad, it’s healthy for you, and it feels amazing to touch.

Any Down Sides To The Crescendo?

While the down sides are minimal, they’re still worth mentioning.

best sex toy for women and men, crescendo

1. The battery life could be short, depending on your needs

Depending on how you use it, the Crescendo will last you anywhere from 2-6 hours on a single charge.

While this won’t be prohibitive for most people, I have heard of people saying that they wish that the battery life lasted for even longer (because yes, apparently some people want to go full blast intensity for longer than two hours in a single session).

2. The price

The other factor that could be prohibitive for some people is the price.

$179 isn’t within everyone’s price range, but keep in mind that by owning this toy you aren’t paying for batteries (and the battery is designed to last for over 4,000 hours, also known as 500+ full charges).

The Crescendo will stay with you for a long time. I’ve been using this toy a lot over the past six months and it shows zero signs of wear.

Come to think of it, I can’t even imagine how it would start to break down because the materials are so high quality.

3. Lack of a flared base

The Crescendo is perfect for anal play… except for the lack of a flared base.

For those new to anal play, sex toys intended for being put into your butt should ideally have a flared base, so they don’t get accidentally taken all the way into the user (yes, this is a real and common thing).

Now, I am officially telling you not to use the Crescendo for anal play because of the lack of a flared base… but I am unofficially telling you that I use it for this exact purpose regularly and it feels fucking amazing. So, as long as you’re being somewhat cautious with your sexual play, I say go for it.

You Should Buy This Sex Toy If…

– You like having powerful orgasms

– You’ve been wanting to try experimenting with sex toys and you’re not sure which style of toy you should commit to

– You’ve used other vibrators in the past and felt underwhelmed (or overwhelmed) by them

– You want a soft yet firm, body-safe, body-conforming vibrator made of the most high-quality silicone on the market today that will last you for several years

You can pick up your own Crescendo by clicking here. Happy playing!

Dedicated to your success,


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