Mar 4, 2024

Loving Dirty Talk: Loving Words To Say During Sex (55 Phrases)

Looking for loving words to say during sex? Enter: loving dirty talk!

Some of my long-term readers might be surprised to learn that several of my highest-ranked articles of all time are all around the theme of dirty talk.

Dirty talk for beginners, dirty talk that men love to hear, how to dirty talk via text… I’ve got it all covered!

When I look back through these older articles of mine, I notice how the majority of the dirty talk phrases are more appropriate for early dating/newer relationships, as opposed to marriage or longer-term/more established relationships.

So today, I thought I would write out a list of more loving, connected things to say during lovemaking.

Why? Because most raunchier dirty talk is either about objectification or about emphasizing distance/separateness. Which, while it can serve people in newer relationships or more superficial dating setups, doesn’t fit as well in a more committed union.

It almost feels like a stretch to call the following list of loving phrases ‘dirty talk,’ and yet, there isn’t any other shorthand way of saying it that is common language.

So here is a list of loving words you can say during sex (in short, loving dirty talk). Enjoy!

Loving Dirty Talk: Loving Things To Say During Sex With Your Lover

loving dirty talk

The loving dirty talk that you engage in will inevitably need to be calibrated to you and your partner. The stage of relationship you’re in, what your partner’s emotional hot-buttons are, the unique corners of their psyche where they individually require the most love, and a variety of other factors will all need to be taken into account. As such, some of the following will appeal to you more than some of the others – and that is totally fine.

Think of this as a choose-your-own-adventure kind of thing. Pick a handful of your favorites to tuck in your back pocket, and go from there.

I generally recommend a less-is-more approach. In other words, if you take 3 to 5 of these and use them in your next sex session, they will go a long way. And of course, you can always bookmark this resource and come back to it periodically so that you have some variety to pull from.

Remember, with loving dirty talk, you really want to put your heart into the words. This is loving, connected, and tender. So you’ll want to put your heart into the way you say the words. Think gentle… loving… as if you are saying the word directly to their heart itself.

Alright, onto the loving dirty talk!

Loving Phrases To Say During Sex

– I love you

– You are the best man/woman I know

– Everything you’re doing right now is just perfect

– You are such an incredible man/woman

– Your pleasure is so beautiful

– I love the way you make me feel so safe and loved

– You are so beautiful

– I am so proud of you

– You look so beautiful right now

– I want to have your babies

– I am so grateful for you

– It is so easy to love you

– You are so attractive

– I love the way you sound

– You look so sexy right now

– I am so proud to be with you

– I need you

– You are so good at that

– I am so lucky to have you

– You are so good at providing for us

– I’m yours / I am all yours

– I love the sounds you make

– Yes, my love, this is perfect

– I want to spend my entire life with you

– You feel so good, my love

– I love feeling you inside of me

– I love the way you taste

– You are the perfect husband/wife/partner/person for me

– I love the way you touch me/I love how you touch me

– You turn me on so much

– I love the way you feel

– You love me so well

– I feel so safe with you

– Wow, you are so perfect

– You have the sweetest face

– I love the sound of your pleasure

– I love the way you smell

– You have the most perfect body I have ever seen

– I feel so incredibly loved by you

– You make everything in my life better

– I trust you so much

– You have the most perfect cock/pussy/(body part)

– That feels so good

– I will love you for the rest of my life

– I want you to feel so good

– You are so good at loving me

– I am so glad you’re mine

– I love having sex with you so much

– Yes, exactly that, don’t stop

– This is the best

Loving Dirty Talk You Can Say Leading Up To The Climax

– I just want to make you cum, it turns me on so much

– Yes, my love… cum inside of me

– Cum in me

– I want you to cum inside of me

– I want you to fill me up with your cum

– You sound so powerful when you cum

– I love the way you sound when you cum

When To Say Your Loving Words For The Most Impact

Remember, the main key when it comes to loving dirty talk is to truly put your whole heart into the words you say.

Anyone can say the words ‘I love you’ while sounding like a tightly-wound robot. But to put your heart, your feeling, your full emotion into it… that is what brings the words to life.

Once you’ve selected your favorite loving dirty talk phrases, I would recommend saying the words during your lover’s favorite moments in bed. It could be their favorite sexual act, or the specific sexual position that you know is their favorite. This will make the words be that much more powerfully received. When we stack moments of pleasure in this way, it’s like eating your favorite piece of chocolate or candy while watching a beautiful sunset. It just makes it that much more breathtaking.

What If Saying Things Like This Makes You Feel Uncomfortable?

There is a chance that, if you have never said things like this during sex before, that engaging in this might feel really vulnerable.

First off, you should know that that response is completely normal.

It does require us to be emotionally vulnerable in order to truly bring our heart to our partner, and to speak into their heart.

This is truly the point of being sexually intimate with someone. There is nothing else so intimate as allowing someone into our bodies, or someone allowing us into their body.

So if it feels like a big stretch to say such loving, tender things to your significant other, know that it is something that you are allowed to breathe into, and become increasingly comfortable with over time. There is no rush.

If it helps, you can begin with a phrase that perhaps feels less challenging for you, and work your way up from there. For example, perhaps there’s a phrase that registers to you as being a 4 out of 10 on the difficulty scale. Start with that one. And over time, what once registered as a 4 may begin to feel like a 2. Then, you can work your way up to the phrases that used to feel more intimidating than they do today. Again, this practice will feel easier with time.

Using phrases like these during sex can take us from having more surface-level sex, into the deepest layers of love. What better path is there to walk, than to learn to become more vulnerably, honestly loving with the person that we are the closest to.

Dedicated to your success,


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